Friday, April 20, 2007

Smashing everything together

I'm pretty impressed by my exhaustion. I don't understand why it's running so long and so deep. But in case I fall apart this weekend from family celebrations and bead rehearsal (Gili likes to call me a droplet but it's a BEAD), I'll share everything now that I've been thinking about. Oh, and this hilarious photo from today when I made Gili chase a man w/balloons. If you want to see more, check out the very shaky video.

Last night, into today (until about 2:30am), I watched the entire first season of "Weeds." And I didn't even do it on purpose for today, 4/20 (the day that the most beautiful woman in the world got married).

I was thinking today about some of the women who keep me afloat. More than that, but just recently, the ones who keep me inspired and support me in really difficult times, and have unshakable faith in the importance of art, my work, and me. Here are four, in no particular order:

Susan Deer Cloud: a poet I met years ago while working for NYFA. I hired her as a poetry panelist and have stayed in touch ever since. She sends me incredible words at just the right times, when I'm falling off of the tightrope.

Ching-In: a poet I met in January in Vermont. Meeting her makes all the drama and trauma of that horrid residency worth it - she is so generous and has so much energy that I wonder how it can all flow out of one person. She challenges me, makes me look up words, helps me learn, supports my growth, and shares things that need to be shared, like this.

Terttu: a brilliant photographer I met in Chicago a couple years back when I was binding a book and she was cutting paper. I marvel at her wisdom, bravery, joy, and cooking skills. I used to think that I could never befriend a junior, but even though she's chronologically 6.5 years younger, she's way further along than I am. I love that I can feel simultaneously like we're two babies in a playpen or two crones in rocking chairs: always laughing, always ready for the next adventure.

Gili: a writer I met online who turned out to have she same alma mater and friend in common. She never lets me off easy, lets me be whoever and whatever I am whenever, and rocks the "let's be friends!!" lifestyle. I can't believe how many insane ups and downs she has already helped me through, and we only met in person five months ago. She also recommends great things to read and watch. Like this:
What else? Don't talk about your writing. If you talk about your writing you will touch something you shouldn't touch and it will fall apart and you will have nothing. Get up at first light and work like hell...Watch your blood pressure. Read. Read...Read...Hold on to your friends. Work like hell and make enough money to go someplace else, some other country where the [---] Feds can't get at you.

Did I say keep your friends? Keep you friends, hold on to your friends. Don't lose your friends.

- Tobias Wolff, Old School


  1. this was the kindest, most amazing post ever. thanks for being such a good friend to me, too. i love how you're been so amazing from afar and now that we are in the same place, you continue to listen to me, teach me new things, and care about me when i'm at my most ridiculous. so much love!

  2. terttu12:02 AM

    thank you Aimee, and i so love being a mexican lesbian with you! oh and by the way, those endbands were made with silk thread, but maybe the cord was too big? keep rocking!

  3. wow, aimee, i'm honored that i made your list! thank you for being a great friend even though we've only just met in friend time. i loved slushing through snow & shit-talking:-) thanks for sharing your life & being so good (militantly) at keeping connected. & for all the gifts i've received already. i'm sorry i'm such a fickle blog reader & sometimes fickle blog poster!



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