Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm asking that the VT tragedy is number one of the three recent bad things that happened to me. The third hit today: got a call from the museum that my crate arrived, badly damaged. They do a full damage report tomorrow after unpacking and assessing the actual bricks. I was kind of horrified, but also not surprised. It doesn't mean I'm not upset, but I'm used to it w/this piece: it's a self-portrait. I am high maintenance and high drama. This piece mirrors me perfectly. What can I say? I am a good mirror and I make a good mirror.

Oh, crap. I just found out something that makes me lean more heavily towards going to Mexico this summer. Wow. Things are moving so quickly. It's funny, too, b/c I'm getting everything I asked for: when I started working, I thought during the drudgery moments, "I would rather deal w/my monstrous thesis crate nightmare than work for other people," and voila! Here I am, in the boat I requested. The universe does indeed deliver. I need to now ask for more specific and positive things. Any suggestions?


  1. I can't get the Mexico link to work. Where in MX?

  2. whoops!! i fixed it. i hate how blogger inserts random gif files for no reason randomly.

  3. Shit, so you GOT the Mexico residency?! It looks amazing! I've heard that Michoacan is really nice. Wheee!!!



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