Monday, April 09, 2007

A photo by Julie Laffin

Julie took this pictures when I visited her last month, in her amazing handmade silk dress that's as tall as a huge building. I'm activating new priorities: my day job is just my day job. No need to spend any more energy than necessary there. All I have to do is stand at the bench, build boxes, and make books. That's it. I have to conserve my energy for my real life: art. I got invited to be in an exhibit in the fall, am starting to seriously research paper leads in Korea, and am looking to show in NYC. I finished another app tonight, the bricks have been shipped via UPS Freight, and there are still so many forms to fill out (loan agreements, taxes, la dee da). There is no more time to procrastinate!

Go go gadget and yay for tea w/Gili today! I'm officially addicted to sucking on Reed's ginger chews at work. It might turn into a pack a day habit.


  1. Thanks for tea with me. I really appreciate you taking time to calm me down. We are alike in our nervousness and surprisingly, you can be mellow when I need it. I hope that when you need it, I can return the favor.

    Good job prioritizing your art and working on making your job just that. I'm going to try to follow your example.

  2. I didn't know you had a day job. What is it? Papermaking in Korea sounds awesome. Seriously, get in touch with my friend Mihee. She was in the art scene in Seoul for many years.

  3. bookbinding. and everything that falls into that category.

    i'll email mihee again. i emailed her my submission and then never heard again. so i should get back in touch.


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