Friday, April 06, 2007

NOW I get it

After four straight days of work (and today barely counted b/c the commute was so pleasant due to religious holidays), I TOTALLY understand why it's so hard to keep up on life when working full time. It seemed so easy just a few years ago, when I worked f/t, had an even longer commute, and had something almost every night of the week: trapeze/acrobatics class, yoga class, t'ai chi or qigong class, jazz/improv violin lessons, chiropractic, acupuncture, therapy, dating, etc. Now, I'm barely able to climb out of bed in the morning, and have a hard time walking to the subway after work.

Not only that, but I'm sick again. My denial stages are getting shorter and shorter; this time I was only in denial for a day. I feel awful, but have now traced a fascinating pattern: I get sick every time I start a new job. When I started at NYFA in 2001, sick (that, I blamed on post-9/11 air). When I started at IAC in 2004, sick (blamed that on cubicle air and allergies). When I interned in Brooklyn in 2006, sick (blamed it on winter). Interning in December 2006, sick (blamed that on running from state to state). Vermont Jan 2007, sick (yeah, I worked then, for the office. Blame that one on a crappy residency).

Isn't that insane?? I marvel at the discovery. B/c these are the two solutions: 1. (contributed by dad) Stay at a job forever and never quit, or 2. (this is mine) Never work for anyone else. As crazy as managing my artist life/career is, I would much rather do that full time than anything else. I actually had fun at the airport, waiting for my ride last week, using the extra two hours to set up a new spreadsheet to keep track of expenses and categorize them for tax year 2007. Suddenly, using Excel doesn't seem so horrific when it's for MY benefit only.

Anyhow. Work: whoa. It's HARD. I sewed that monstrous Bible up there in a day and a half. I thought it would take me all week, but I was so grossed out by the mold and dust and rust that I zipped through it, only to be slammed with trays for a box, an entire box, inside liners for a book, and so on. I'm on phone, computer ordering, cleanup, and customer interface detail as well when needed. I can barely see by the end of the day from all the precision work. But I guess it's what I asked for, in its entirety, so I can't complain. I do understand, though, why people can't answer emails, blog, update software, mail birthday cards, back up their computers, do their taxes, and keep up with friends in a timely fashion when working. Whew. I even skipped my shower today.

Weekend goals: get all my paper/computer work done, get better
What I've read/seen but haven't had time to mention in the past two weeks: Ann Patchett's Bel Canto (thanks, Tam!), Uncommon Carriers by John McPhee (oh, wait, I only did three chapters of this b/c I was so bored), "Party Girl" (finally, say Gi and me), and I forget b/c now I'm a forgetful 9-to-5-er (not forever. I got a 2-week summer res in Mexico, but don't know yet if I will go. Sept: Wyoming).

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polarchip said...

I know, I wonder how people do it! What about people with kids!? And It's a slippery slope, the not bathing thing. It's too easy to skip a shower here or there, and then I get really paranoid about body odor.

Your Mexican residency sounds awesome- you should go!