Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No more working for the man

That was fast. I'm done w/the job. The ending wasn't pretty, but I can't go into details since it's all "professional" stuff (I mean, not what happened, but it's not wise to explain publicly). As yucky as it feels, it's also a big relief. Back to my regularly scheduled programming.


  1. What??!? Was there a showdown?? Did you tell your boss who's the boss?!? Times like this we totally need the juicy juice.

    OK, I'll wait for the email.....

    F* working!! Work is for suckazzzzzz!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Aimee. I really think this is cause for celebration. Some more sangria?

  3. yea for the end of another bad relationship!!!! yea for moving in the right direction.


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