Friday, April 27, 2007

My marketing department slacked

Oh, right. My work has been at the Bridge Art Fair in Chicago for the last two days and will be there until the 30th. It's being shown by Orleans Street Gallery, but I don't know which booth number. This is one of the pieces, the one I freaked out over b/c I realized I have to keep it. But the other two are up for sale, so go and buy if you wish. Or just look; they're both handmade paper delights. I'm getting closer to finishing Chang-Rae Lee's Aloft, and surprised at how much I hate it less than when I read his Native Speaker years ago. I watched "Raising Victor Vargas" last night and had lunch w/Ivan today in Brooklyn at a Turkish joint. Then I dropped off Gili's handmade wall calendar that I was forced to make yesterday, complete with full moons and a couple of black days. I forgot to take pics; hopefully she will snap a few. It's pretty hilarious, as is this post by Joseph (make sure you scroll down to see the cats).

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  1. Don't worry! Of course I'll snap pics.


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