Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Let's call this song exactly what it is"

I feel like I've worked all weekend but still have not made a dent in the work I have to get done. I marvel at this dirty trick that weekends play on us. I've caught up on a lot of things in my inbox (and am considering making myself a physical inbox for my paperwork that exists outside of the computer) and made an apron yesterday for work. I had been thinking about it for a while, b/c I hate the ones that are usually worn in the shop. I generally hate to wear aprons, but get too dirty at work to get away w/o one. So I sewed up a couple hankies and eyeglass cloths and a belt from a sweater that I no longer own, and voila! Customized, reversible skirt apron with pockets. Light, washable, and too gaudy for anyone to want to steal. Oh, and it has a Korean side and a language-free side. hahahaaa.

I had to do a photo shoot today of a bunch of my sketchbooks to enter for another call. I figured I might as well make an album of the spreads, so take a look. My back hurt a lot doing it, so excuse the bad focus on a bunch of them. It was kind of dreadful at first to try and pull out my books from the corner closet w/all sorts of other things in the way (desk, suitcase, mini sewing machine, boxes...), but I do love my sketchbooks. It was nice to flip through them. The little breaking cutouts are still my all time favorites. No, I still haven't done my taxes. Or wrapped a couple pieces that will be in the Bridge Art Fair in a few weeks in Chicago. Okay, fine, I'll go do that now.

p.s. - new idea for how to deal with eye strain at work: watch lots of tearjerkers to help stimulate my tear ducts and provide more lubrication for the eyeballs.


Gili Warsett said...

that apron is soooo cool. you're a diy genius. will you build me a platform for my bed?

aimee said...

did you notice the shirt??? i love that shirt so much. i wish i could wear it all the time. i don't remember why you didn't want it anymore.

hello, you KNOW that building platforms for beds is NOT the kind of job you want me to do. you'd break your back b/c you'd fall through. it's funny, b/c i was just thinking last night that i want to meet a man who can make furniture, is really good w/computers, and is a photo/video shooting/editing genius. i don't think that's too mcuh to ask, since that's how boys are often steered anyway.

Gili Warsett said...

no. i totally didn't notice the shirt. it looks so cute on you. it was too short on me and rode up all the time. i wish i could wear it because it's so soft and cozy.

i was thinking for my birthday you and my other close friends could come over and build a bed platform for me with me helping, but i guess that can't happen since you don't know how. sad. i thought that would be a fun project.

aimee said...

WHAT?? you thought it would be a fun thing for yr bday?? omg, are your other friends carpenters?? hahaaa.

but essentially, it would be pretty easy. the tricky thing would be buying the lumber and getting it into the apt (hi, hi, where is robb??) and the other major tricky thing would be making drawers. i still would prefer to not be involved b/c i tend to create disaster around these kinds of projects. i'm only good at dealing w/what is right in front of me.

Paulettasaurus said...

Aimeee! I love the apron. The shirt, too. It reminds me of pea soup.

There's a lot of Korean writing on clothes here in the Phil, too, oddly enough. Merchants bring used clothes from K here to sell. A lot of Filipinos prefer used K clothing/shoes to new F clothing/shoes. People say they're cheaper and cuter.

Paulettasaurus said...

P.S. Will you be in NY for a while? Will I see you?

aimee said...

i love the shirt, too. it rides up on me, too, but i deal. thanks to gili for clothing me.

well, korean clothes ARE cute. hahaa.

yes! i will be in ny for a while. a while enough to see you!!! i'm so excited about that.