Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just before I lose my arm strength

I have been worrying nonstop lately to my friends (mostly Gili) about my fears about taking the Ana Forrest workshop today: 1. I am out of shape and won't be able to keep up and will be kicked out of class 2. The class will kick my ass 3. My panty lines will be unacceptable in a NYC class (I used to be very concerned about this in general when I used to work in SoHo six years ago. I stopped giving a shit in Chicago, but it now creeps up on me, back in the city). Well, I was wrong. I was able to handle the class (except for one lightheaded/losing my hearing scary moment where I had to stop standing b/c I knew I'd faint - they heat the room, don't ventilate, and it turns into a sweat lodge. The man next to me was DRENCHED and dripping onto me and my mat), get over my fear of master teachers, do an advanced pose (dragonfly), and we were all in such close proximity doing such intense yoga that I'm sure no one would have noticed if I wore my underwear over my pants.

I also was reminded of a few things:
1. No need to do such an intense practice (I was spent the rest of the day and will hurt for a few more. Have iced the ankle that I strained. Got some tips on how to use muscles to wrap the sciatic nerve to protect it), which is why I love the new Reebok ad campaign. I think committing to my self practice is the best thing I can do for myself, b/c I know exactly what I need and won't hurt myself doing things b/c someone is pushing me w/o knowing my injuries/limitations. This is why I switched from Forrest to Tantric Hatha.
2. I am so much stronger than I think. I love being Asian for the flexibility, but I love being me for the upper body strength.
3. Wait, maybe that was it. I'm going to merge this list w/other good things of the day:
4. Good talk w/a former Fulbright-er. I got TONS of advice about how to start dealing w/my idea and have crazy amounts of research to pounce upon.
5. Great arugula goat cheese not enough endive salad at Spring Street Natural w/Gi & Alyssa.
6. Nap.
7. Seeing Robbin's show at the Brooklyn Central Library (Grand Army Plaza) and meeting two other artists at the opening.

I would say more, but my poor computer is overheating.

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  1. Wow. I'm so freaking impressed. Your yoga experience sounds really rewarding. I can relate to the panty lines thing.

    What's this about you performing at the Flea?! I don't remember hearing about this! You're accompanying the LAVA show? Ugh. I would love to attend--I hope I can! Of course, seeing that show again will just feed my already growing anxieties about inadequacy.

    Cook some macrobiotic food and then blog about it! I miss those posts.



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