Monday, April 02, 2007

I'll never be sixteen again

About to hop on the train to see G&G. I'm frustrated w/the jet lag from Chicago. I know, only an hour. But this going to bed late, rising late business is yucky. I'm feeling out of sorts, and only realized recently that I'm only getting older and am not a teenager anymore. Even though I went to the library to print out another grant app, and the librarian asked if I was a student. The whole world will always think I am a student. Anyhow, I told him I was an artist, and he wouldn't let me pay for copies. Hahahaa. I was preoccupied yesterday w/doing things for mom's bday, and then looking up all the things I can do to exercise. I love that a person can spend so much time sitting on her ass READING about exercising. My extra RAM arrived today; I'll install once I find a screwdriver small enough.

My paternal grandfather (my maternal one died when my mom was little) took this picture when he was still alive and I was tiny, in Korea. I think. I don't remember, so I make up the story. It's a pretty good indication of my present mood.


  1. ellie4:58 PM

    you are so perfectly cute i want to squeeze you and hug you and kiss you and make you laugh.... i want a little aimee!!!!!

  2. yay! i'm so glad i got to talk to you tonight. it's always so good to talk to someone who gets it and listens. i'm still thinking about the blood flow to muscles...

    sleeping schedule will end soon b/c i start a full-time job tomorrow. yikes! the RAM is installed and so far, so good. time for bed so i can handle the commuting tomorrow.

  3. oh, and i think my moodiness maybe comes from the full mooniness.

  4. it's itty bitty aimee. so sweet. you look like someone i would not want to mess with.


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