Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I wasn't joking

I can't stop. Or, I don't really want to. Gi says I should eat the ginger chews in moderation. I think I've gotten three packs already and I only started buying them last week. It hasn't been a week yet. They're just SO GOOD. But I worry about the sugar and my pre-pre-diabetic condition. I was thinking that I just need to eat tapioca things and wished that there was bubble tea someplace close. Then, lo and behold, I see a place that sells bubble tea right around the corner from work. Hilarious. I had only noticed them before when I left work, b/c it's a place that sells food, too, and puts out read food on a table outside the joint. Which I find very strange. Especially after seeing all the fake plastic food in Japan.

I'm still exhausted by working, and haven't figured out an exercise routine at all. Today, I chopped board all day. But I'm feeling better (though I fear that the remaining congestion and passing sore throat are actually allergy symptoms and not cold symptoms), and might be agreeing to do some performing for my old trapeze teachers. I have yet to see my friends and go see art, but all in due time.


  1. i'm sorry i've been out of touch. things are insane. i have a job interview on monday in detroit. don't know what to do. it's 70 degrees here and 30 with snow there. uck. but it is what i want to do teach modern dance. at a beatuiful old school called cranbrook. but, david and nesday and it's soooo much. call me. love you!

  2. Ginger candy sounds wonderful. I think you should indulge--maybe you're craving it for a reason. Bubble tea, too. Go crazy.


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