Friday, April 13, 2007

Forever out of the loop

Wait, I missed another Friday the 13th!! What is the deal? I keep not knowing. Maybe it's just not as important anymore in my life to know. I only found out today as Gavin figured measurements for the Carnegie Hall book I cut down and sewed tonight (causing me to miss Jami's release party. Ug, I wore the fancy boots for naught). The leaves were going to be 11.5" x 13", but he said that's an unlucky number, especially today. And then I thought, wait, is TODAY Friday the 13th??! What gives? What today was: board shear delivery day. Wow. Boy, was I glad I to be a woman today, and in a dress and apron to boot so I looked especially unable to help w/the heavy lifting. A new Jacques board shear arrived on a pickup truck from Pennsylvania. All metal, two men, Gavin, one plate, and one little wooden wheely cart. The most difficult job I had was standing outside w/o a jacket, watching the glass front door that had been taken off and leaned against the storefront, so that it wouldn't fall down or get stolen.

Yesterday, Ivan and I went to a Chelsea gallery for a wholly unsatisfying opening. This morning, I saw another disappointing show in midtown. I need to see good art, but in the meantime will settle for a massage tomorrow w/Diana. Tired out of my eyeballs, but things are moving along. I'm treating my taxes like another art deadline, and then will look for flights to Wyoming for the fall, check prices on flights to Mexico for the summer, do more Korea research, and prep some more apps.

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