Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A curse to have an interesting life

I had about two or three panic attacks today, and am calming myself down by doing my usual obsessive combing of the web for yoga-related things. I just read an article about yoga teachers who sleep w/their students and how bad that is. Then, I found an image of Heather Tiddens in the dragonfly pose we learned yesterday. I'm panicking b/c I got another show but it's a piece that is on consignment and I'm hoping it DOES NOT sell in the next few days, but if it does, I guess I'll learn another big lesson: if I don't want to sell but it has to be for sale, I have to overprice by a LOT. I constantly undercut myself. So, I'd like everyone to send out energy towards Chicago, convincing people NOT to buy this piece. Please. Just walk on by.

Then, I panicked about Mexico: I pretty much said I would go to the organizer, but then was just told that it's really dangerous, and when I looked up the state I'll be in, it's the state w/the highest murder rate in the entire country. So now I'm all freaked out. In the meantime, I'm listening to a podcast by Jonathan Bowra to sedate myself. The title of this post comes from something he said was a Chinese proverb. I have had similar ADHD today to Ching-In. I haven't been able to follow through on any tasks. Still no flights to Wyoming, or Mexico, no trip planning confirmed for Boston, no further emails to people in Korea, no library visit, no artwork. Instead, I've gotten halfway on everything and baked ANOTHER batch of cookies. I'm losing my mind. The rain doesn't help. I did finish Jane Smiley's The Age of Grief. So a book and batch of cookies: that is what I have completed today.

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