Monday, April 23, 2007

60 years old

I played model daughter this weekend and was a perfect hostess (except I didn't wear an apron). I peeled and cut lots of fruit and served lots of beer and cleared and washed and dried lots of dishes. Yesterday, I had a lovely rehearsal w/Diana to figure out our bead/droplet and then I almost left my violin on the train when I got off at home. NO JOKE. I walked onto the platform, thinking, "hm, I was struggling all day but why does my load feel so much lighter?" as I held a boring philosophical anthropology book in my hand and nothing in the other.

Then I said, "oh, SHIT!" and ran back onto the train, grabbed my violin from the overhead rack, and ran off. I wouldn't have cared if the train doors closed and I ended up at the next station. The important thing was that it was in my hands. Age, memory, out of sight/mind, it's all catching up to me. Still catching up on arts admin for myself and doing more bday things today for dad. Cookies for mom, so she doesn't feel left out.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you remembered your instrument... that would have been tragic.
Thanks so much for yesterday!

polarchip said...

Supposedly that happened to Yo-Yo Ma except he left his cell in the trunk of a cab. So that means you must be getting really good at your instrument!

Paulettasaurus said...

Oooo. The 60th birthday. That's the biggie for Korean-Americans. I heard they barely do the hangap anymore in Korea--it's just a big diaspora thing. Congrats to your dad! Please pass the cookies.

aimee said...

HAHAAA! Maybe it just means I'm getting old. Yo-Yo Ma is how old???

I asked dad about hangap. He seemed to like that I was asking. Be prepared: I am about to send a barrage of emails asking you all about Korea. I have MASSIVE research to do in only a few months.