Friday, March 09, 2007

Wait, it's already Friday??

I worked hard all morning to finish knitting the pages of this book. But I'm not sure now how to put it all together. I like the idea of it being messy, in terms of it just spilling out. But I'm not sure how to engineer that so that it can still be read. Oh, and I still have to figure out what will go inside of it, exactly. I've sewn a few pages together so it's a little neater than this photo (though I like this setup, too). I tried to tell Ching-In to not be down on herself about getting tons of things done every day, b/c we both suffer from the same overachiever mentality, where we make huge to do lists that only a robot could finish in a day. Then we feel bad when we only get a human amount of work done.

Today: the book, a walk to town to mail letters, laundry, a little piano, and now I think I'm going to watch a movie ("The Science of Sleep"). Dinner was amazing...for dessert, Linda put out pineapple that was rubbed w/orange liqueur and sprinkled w/nutmeg. Then we found an ice cream cake. Uhoh.


  1. oh, I forgot this shout out: yay to Gili! I got a new mix today in the mail! LOVE it.

  2. my own private shout out!!! you're welcome.

    and by the way, you are amazing. you are. just keep telling yourself that until it's automatic.

  3. I <3 Science of Sleep. Really looking forward to his next one, Be Kind Rewind.

  4. omg, ME, TOO. i am up late late late but really loved the movie. i loved how disjointed and crazy and handmade and sweet and sad it was. though i feel the head injury in the end could have used a little more blood. i've had one of those before, and it seemed like endless blood.

    it also helps that i adore gael.

  5. He's a hottie, ain't he?

    My favorite scene was the little horse running around.

    I guess that's also a warning to Gi about the movie- there's a (toy) horse in a few scenes.


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