Sunday, March 25, 2007

Third bowl of granola, soon

I bound three books last night before heading over to Andy's place for a dinner and movie extravaganza. Sarah made an amazing sweet potato dish and Andy did killer homemade corn dogs. Our eyes were burning from all the frying but we managed to sit thru another round of "Me and You and Everyone We Know." I think Terttu was the only one who hadn't seen it yet, but I missed the whole coin tapping thing the first time around, so I'm glad I got it this time. I'm still amazed that so many of my friends have partners named Andy.

I bound my own sketchbook today, cleaned Tam's place, went thru all my boxes again to try and reduce (there's not a whole lot left to get rid of), and had Elizabeth come over to help me bring my thesis upstairs. Well, I just needed the moral support. I didn't want to open the bags but she helped me through two of them and some great reconfiguration ideas for the upcoming show at the Fuller Craft Museum in May. It less daunting to see it all in front of me; I had expected a totally unmanageable nightmare, but now I see that I actually thought the entire thing out for exactly this purpose. I'm still going to put off figuring it out, though, until tomorrow. Time for a bath.

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