Thursday, March 29, 2007

Now we're rolling

This was the last I saw of my bricks, about 20 minutes ago. WOW. The last 24 hours have been crazy stress. "What else is new, Aimee?" you may ask. I paint myself into amazing corners. Estimates from art handling companies are still coming in and I will turn them all down now that I hired a local, who I first met when he threw himself down fourteen flights of stairs a couple years ago in a performance workshop with Marina Abramovic. You would think I would steer clear of such a man. I've made many, many, many awful mistakes in the past several years: bad photographers, bad editors, bad videographers, bad everything you could imagine. But I feel good about this. Really, I do. I still feel like I'm on some kind of crazy drug, though. No bricks in Tam's living room. Gone. Gone!! Maybe it's just the dark, bittersweet chocolate I ate. I am no match for caffeine.

Blake drove away after likely the easiest packing and pickup gig known to art handling man. Seriously. We bagged them up, I threw them over the porch, and he loaded them up. My work is a dream for people w/bad backs. Which reminds me about how excited I got seeing all the construction workers harnessed to the new el tracks at Belmont the other day when I was going to pick up my iBook (the new RAM is in the mail). Yesterday, I can barely remember: Event Horizons by Jeff Talman (a composer I funded back in NYC) w/Jay, his cousin, and a friend, the friend escorting us to American Girl Place so that we could be thoroughly horrified, lovely dinner w/Shawn at Green Zebra, and an always fun sleepover w/Shayna. I love my friends. She's so ultra smart, too, so it's good for my brain. We talked this a.m. about having kids vs. not having kids (she will, I won't). My reasons seemed weak at the time, but as I waved goodbye to the van, and the bricks that couldn't see me, that one reason became very strong. The next time I see my bricks will be in Massachusetts. Today, I get one last chance at making the rounds w/friends before I fly tomorrow morning back to New York. I love my life, I can't stand my life, I love it more than anything.

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