Thursday, March 22, 2007

Losing specificity

I feel like the protection of photoblog week is gone and now I have to come out of hiding. I tried not to be location specific in the images, which was a real drag. Why? B/c some people in the world seem to think that tracking my whereabouts w/motives that are not in my best interest is a good idea. I remember being in Jami's car in Nebraska, and how she said that if I ever used the word "stalker" while describing a person, that I should stay far, far way from that person. She gets to present me a big "I told you so" next time I see her. I'm not living in complete fear right now, but I've become hypersensitive to fear that I do feel on a regular basis, just walking around in the street. It makes me sad. Eric reminded me that I've had scary unwanted attention since I was in high school, and Gi says that it won't ever end b/c I'm an artist who puts herself out in the world, and I look Asian.

A lot of people have been telling me to consider a private blog. I'm on the fence w/this one. I'm tempted to wait until Saturn Return is over, and then do two, one, or none. Advice, please! In the meantime, I'm treating myself to mint chocolate chip ice cream and salt & vinegar potato chips. More news: I got two more residencies, both paid. Wohooo!!!! One is in a state I've never set foot in; the other state is less exciting but who cares, b/c it's on a farm! And we know how I love farms. Another scary bit of news is that the show taking my thesis (brick tower insanity) can take the full height but not quite the full circumference. Regardless, it's a big chunk of space I get. That means some serious rethinking, crating, shipping, and installation. I just might have to head up to Massachusetts to take care of it. Yeesh.


  1. I just wrote a long post and it was not accepted for some stupid reason. Point of my sermon:
    We are people who like attention and who like to have a little show and tell on the internet. I don't believe stalkers will disappear if your blog disappears. I do believe there will always be more stalkers. I also found it difficult to have a private blog because I know there are people who read it who don't want to be public about it and that's their choice. I like putting parts of my life on display. Is that important to you?

    I vote public.

  2. Sweet! Congrats on the residencies.

    As for the public private thing, it's a mixed blessing. There is a lot of risk when you put yourself out there, but as with finance, the higher the risk, the higher rate of (possible) return....


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