Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Losing productivity

It's hard to be prolific b/c when I have lulls, I feel incredibly worthless. It's so beautiful and peaceful here that I just want to pretend I'm at Club Med on a vacation. I tried to walk on the prairie, and to town today, but slipped so many times on ice that I turned back on both walks, seeing it as a sign to work. So I finally finished spinning the pages of this tiny book. Whew. I had been putting that off for months. I also spent a lot of time today talking to Maria, who has the studio across from me, which was great. She let me look at a book on weaving that she had, which fascinated me. I want to learn how to spin, for real.

I think of how snooty tooty I was (Gili's terminology) when I first started out in art, thinking that conceptual art was the only thing worth making. Even when I worked for artists, I adopted a condescending attitude towards craft without any good reason. Now, I am drawn to it more and more, to the point where I want to learn all sorts of traditional craft techniques. It seems like the people who have these skills are like endangered species, and once they die, traditional arts die. I know that plenty of people are out there keeping the tradition alive, but still. I'm glad that I've been able to make this shift, though it makes me feel like there isn't enough life left to learn all the things I want to learn.

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Gili Warsett said...

you still are snooty tooty.

but i do wonder a lot, okay, not a lot, but sometimes about why there is such a polarization between art and craft-art. I mean, what are artists so afraid of? is it an anti-woman thing? I mean crafts have usually been associated with the home and whatnot.

i'm sure you have a very articulate and thought out theory on this and i'm curious to know about your ideas.

when i went to the craft night with alyssa, this woman designer who is (i guess) quite prominent, kept bringing up how the art world looks down on crafting and how she has always incorporated knitting into fashion design. i wish i could remember her name. she was smart.