Monday, March 05, 2007

Long story gone short

Crap. I just lost that whole post. I'm so tired of all this repeated crashing. I'll just have to give the quick recap b/c I'm way past bedtime:

-Horrible dreams about being hunted to be murdered, and given a lethal injection. Also, I was in a bunker w/the entire population of Vietnam, which was going to be slaughtered. Scary tree shadows in the skylight or lunar eclipse? I don't know.
-Wake to extremely bad vertigo at 8am, which lasts until about 4pm. Fight all good instincts/advice until the afternoon, when I actually fall asleep on a sofa in the Ragdale House (which also has a fully-stocked kitchen, doubling the chances for me to eat nonstop) as I air out my studio. B/c I think it's tea tree oil poisoning.
-Lots and lots of hanging out w/other residents. In the sun room, at dinner, after dinner, in Regin's studio looking at his work, next to the fire, during Emily's poetry reading, etc..
-Convince Matt not to go to VT. Hahahaaa.
-Practice a little piano and do a tiny bit of artwork. But pretty much, today has been devoted to being dizzy, and realizing that art can't happen if my body isn't functioning. Actually, NOTHING happens if my body shuts down. Sobering lesson.

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