Friday, March 02, 2007

Instant Love

Not just the title of Jami's paperback coming out next month, but how I have been feeling since I arrived yesterday. My only complaints so far: too much food at my disposal, and I picked an avocado from the kitchen that was not ripe yet. I think that's pretty good for my first full day. Which went like this:

Wake up to a snow squall above me in the skylight (one of three), journal, meditate, eat an apricot, play piano.

Walk out to the prairie, but not too far b/c of the weather, take pictures, and discover the most miraculous thing this year: a tree swing and TREEHOUSE!!!! Okay, so most people would call this a tree balcony, but to me it's treasure I've been thinking about for a long time. A LONG TIME. Guess who is going to try and do something w/this before she leaves? I swung, too.

Walk to the barnhouse for breakfast (granola and soy milk, grape seed tea), read the paper in the kitchen. Yes, me! I never read the paper, and esp not in the morning. But now I'm seeing how I can edit what I read so I don't do things like read about murders. No wonder why people do this when they have the time.

Back to the studio to work, apple, water, and tea in hand. Download a bunch of Schubert piano scores. All I really want is the Impromptu Op. 90, No. 4. I also got a ton of mail/art ready to send out, which I had to do after a really yummy lunch of leftovers. The mail had already been picked up, and I had eaten four profiteroles, so I decided to hike the mile to town and see the post office and the strange Marshall Fields/Macy's for myself. It was strange, indeed. It's like someone's home, but they put all these clothes racks and cosmetics counters inside. Totally weird. Pauly, if this 2nd package doesn't get to you, then I'm sure that the Philippines postal service is out to steal all of the art that I send to you.

Negate my walk through the snow and wind by eating a chocolate chocolate chip muffin. Studio work, work, work. I'm going to do a comic and drawing every day. I think it's funny that now I'm reading music off of a laptop and pressing a button to turn the page. I still am very slow at reading piano music, especially with six flats in the key signature. Good god. Hopefully I'll have the energy to tackle some more music after dinner. I'm quickly coming up w/a structure for my days, and love it love it love it here.


  1. Wait, that photo is in Chicago?! It looks so rural and beautiful.

  2. you're so funny. no, it's not in chicago, but it's very close. northern suburbs - lake forest.

  3. You know, for a quick minute I too thought I was locked in that bathroom! Sorry I didn't warn you. Glad it's working out so well, Aimee. It was a fun trip up there from the city the other day, and really beautiful.

  4. hahaaa. i was locked in there for much longer than a quick minute. it got to the point where i knocked on the wall behind the toilet to try and get maria to come help me. luckily i got out soon after that. you have to pull first and then push. the latches in this building are all very strange.


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