Saturday, March 03, 2007

I get in trouble daily

I got up early today and fought w/myself again about getting out of bed (it's always the same routine when it involves descending stairs to pee: die of falling, or die of a UTI?). After a little more yoga than yesterday, I got overambitious and set out for a morning walk. I went on a long trail and wandered about, very happy to cross bridges and see animal tracks and snowy trees and whatnot. Regin (our director) told us that there's no way to get lost. Hahahaa! On what I thought was the way back, I saw what I thought was a Ragdale building, and left the trail to get to it. It wasn't easy, and once I got closer, I realized it was just someone's private mansion. Crap. So, I'm tresspassing, and have to get back onto the trail, which looks impossible. I'm glad no one was watching, b/c it was ridiculous, the way I was slamming through bramble and trees and getting snow in my boots.

I was famished by the time I finally got back. I had breakfast and did my daily comic, color drawing, and sketchbook work. I downloaded more piano scores and had fun w/Debussy's Children's Corner. I have no idea how I farted away the rest of the day, but I know it involved talking to Maria for a while (she's in the studio across from me), running outside to the tree swing and trying to climb up to the tree house (I couldn't get into it), and knitting four strands of thread at a time (yes, major tangles). I admit that today was a less productive day, but I did eat a lot and had a nice time after dinner showing Michelle, a writer, my work. She and another writer think that I need to write my life story b/c apparently it would be very marketable right now. More like, my parents' story. I would talk, and Anna kept saying, "do you write? B/c this is really good material."

I also found out why tea tree oil is stored in glass bottles. I put a bunch in a plastic cup and it just melted and destroyed the cup. Sometimes I feel like a walking terror to humanity. Time to finish binding off.


  1. that swing looks amazing. minus the snow.

    and you are not a terror to humanity.

  2. I love these pics together. It makes it look like your in little women or something.

  3. ellie3:36 PM

    i want to look lik eyou at the piano. wear thoes clothes and sit up straight! how long are you there? where do you go next?

  4. oh, yes. revision: i am a terror to myself. hahaa!

    and i DO feel like little women. more on that later tonight.

    i'm only here until march 14, then two weeks in chicago. then new york for a while. i'm going to work and just stay in one place for longer than a month.


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