Thursday, March 01, 2007


I'm sprawled out on a beautiful, comfy, black, leather sofa right now in my live/work space at Ragdale and totally exhausted but screaming inside. I am so happy. I fell in love instantly. It's SO great here!!! SO PERFECT!!! Jay drove me through the rain and fog on the scenic route, which means that, yes, we got lost a little. But it was like driving through some kind of mysterious wonderland - fog, snow, bare trees. We kept passing the driveways but finally got here. I'm so glad Jay got to see it so that SOMEONE can testify to it being fantastic.

I'm living in the Friends' Studio. Isn't that great? I'm in Dorothy. Maria is across from me in Sylvia, and has already been here for two weeks. She's from Chicago, and also is an interdisicplinary artist and does performance. Perfect! She just helped me b/c I almost got locked into the bathroom. HAHAHAAA. Anyhow, apparently, Dorothy and Sylvia used to be friends and so they named these studios after them. Isn't that great? I love that. So that's big plus number one.

Then, I walk into the studio and almost fall down. Hardwood floors, gorgeous matching leather furniture (sofa, swively armchair, two barstool/chair things), an office chair on wheels, a long table, a STEREO w/a TAPE DECK, sink...A BABY GRAND PIANO!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! No one told me this! But I'm in the composer's studio!!!! A baby grand Yamaha!!!! I wish I had all my piano books here. So sad. Jay was late picking me up today b/c he forgot my blue violin and went back to get it. Good thing I never got to sell it before I left Chicago - I didn't bring my own violin b/c I couldn't deal w/lugging it but then asked Jay to bring along my backup.

Spiral staircase up to the lofted sleeping area. Comfy cozy bed that looks directly up into a skylight. Notebooks of past residents' thoughts on this studio, all amazing. Windows everywhere! Track lights. Heat. Two ceiling fans. Porch doors. I feel like I'm living in my dream home!!! Sigh. So much work to do. But I am so happy, and so relieved. Dinner was amazing, and what's great about this place is that they keep a FULLY STOCKED kitchen, so we just fend for ourselves for bfast and lunch, and then eat dinner together in this gorgeous red dining room, all at one big beautiful wood table. There's only one man. I already love the people I've met; so many kindred spirits. An Asian woman from the same county as me! A yogini! One even went to Vermont and had the same bad experience I had, and also w/the same awful visiting artist! So, I am totally validated in my horror. But no horror here. It's exactly what I needed. Not even Gili could jinx this. heehee.


  1. Finally! Something I can't jinx!!!! Wow, Aimee. I think I might be jealous. I can't believe how cozy and amazing everything looks. Dorothy, huh? It's all too cute. I love it. And I am so into your lofted sleeping area with the sun shining through. Amazing!! This is exactly right. The timing is right, the place is right, this is it! How happy am I for you??? SOOOO HAPPY!!!

  2. i was thinking of you as we were getting a tour, and thinking of how you HAVE TO APPLY to come here when you are done w/school!!! ahhhh. i love it so much. talk about freaking love at first sight. and second, and third...

  3. Wow, it is so beautiful. You remind me of last night when I was watching America's next top model, where the girls see their fancy house for the first time and they run around screaming and throwing themselves on the beds.

    You know, you could write a guide to residencies! You're like a connoisseur! I'm glad you really like this one. How long is it? Looking forward to lots of great updates!

  4. i was thinking something like that. about going to residencies and reviewing them. i'm sure it's been done before. hahaaa!!!

    sadly, this will only be for two weeks. i wanted to test myself and see how much i could do in two weeks. really, i was in nebraska when i got accepted to ragdale, and had no idea what to ask for. i could have asked for more time, but hello, i was living on a farm and couldn't really think of what came next. now i know. this is definitely a place i would reapply to, forever. no wonder why my teachers have been coming here for years and years.

    that was me, throwing myself onto things. not screaming, but that's b/c residencies tend to be places that encourage being quiet.

  5. ellie1:21 PM

    i'm so glad you found somethign good!!! you can at least be gladyou know the difference... play a song for me on the piano. glad you are finally comfortable. savor it.

  6. I'm so confused. Your current residency is in Chicago?

    That photograph of you with your iBook is gorgeous--you definitely look like you're in heaven, wheverever that is.


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