Saturday, March 31, 2007

Help Mei!

Oh my goodness. I thought my own life was stressful enough (I ended up doing a last minute vendor switch on the bricks. More later), but then I got this terrible email from an artist friend about another artist friend, Mei. This is her, knitting, in happier days in Chicago. I met her there when we were both in school. We did a few performances together and I'd see her when I went out to sushi (she took care of me two birthdays in a row). Then she went to San Francisco for her MFA. I can't tell the story very well after that, but read here for more info. Basically, no one told her about her Green Card being rejected, she was detained by immigration, spent days in jail, and only got out after posting $10K bail that she can't afford. She's now facing deportation, and has to pay lawyers AND tuition. Anyhow, help if you can. There are lots of options on Anni's site.

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