Saturday, March 24, 2007

Heavy procrastination

I still have not bound the books I'm supposed to be done with, nor have I given much thought to dragging my thesis upstairs to measure and reassess for this spring show. Instead, I ran three rounds of errands, and succumbed to a terrible craving for dark, bittersweet chocolate. I decided on the train platform that I'm not interested in becoming a better person. I just want to be a stronger person. That's the only way I'm going to manage surviving the rest of my life. Thicker skin, toned heart, fortified bones, elastic joints, better posture, and I'm golden. Yesterday, I had a great spa (not Korean style) and sushi (Korean style) date w/Terttu, which led to a long sleep w/scary dreams about my sister getting a mysterious disease and me being forced to crawl in and out of really tight frames. Not having a phone is starting to seriously cramp my style, and I wonder if a month-long residency all alone on a farm is a good idea for me. But who knows where I'll be in 2008, so it might just be fine.

Art beat: I'm freaked out about the project that is starting to stare me in the face. I think it will be one of those lifelong ones that require incredible amounts of travel, language study, and demon fighting. I like to think that right now I'm just storing up energy to tackle it, not just sitting around reading Chinese horoscopes.

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