Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daylight savings stole my nap

I could use a little dozing time right now, but want to write now so I can watch "Half Nelson" (my sis was the asst editor on it) tonight after dinner and then go to bed. The calmer/sadder half of Gili's mix is on, it's lovely out, and I see a red wagon from my window. Yesterday, I moved all my furniture and filmed three takes of a pocket performance, starring me and the piano. Then I went outside and filmed two takes of a pocket performance that stars me and the tree house.

I decided to call it a residency, finish up my sketchbook, and only use one flickr album to document the two weeks here. Not much object making. Today, Christina said that she did the "colony circuit" for a year, and by the end was ready to settle down and get married. Which means I better quit b/c I certainly do not want to do that. But the settling down itch is inevitable after all the wandering. I'm excited to see all my Chicago peeps. Last night, Maria had friends come from the city for a studio party. We all did a little breaking. Hilarious, since her bf was really good, and the rest of us were goofing around. I miss it, though.

Terttu visited last night, which was SO GOOD. I had a terrible stomachache for over a day, which disappeared as soon as I saw her. I kept offering to take her around or show her things, but she just wanted to curl up on the sofa under blankets and talk. I only realized this morning that she came to visit ME, not Ragdale. It was sweet. I got all of my panicky, paranoid theories about myself, my health, and my life out of my system. She said that she just learned the Photoshop tool that is making me miserable as I bemoaned the size of my abdomen: liquify. Apparently, it sucks people in w/o making them look distorted. Her visit was just what I needed to stay sane for the next few days. When I walked her to the end of the driveway and yelled goodbye into the suburban darkness, I felt like I was being left behind at an asylum as she went back into the real world.


  1. I just wrote a comment and wouldn't you know it? I was too impatient to wait for it to post and so I lost it.

    The basic point was I'm jealous that other people get to hang out with you. And love the red necklace still. Glad Cindy made you buy it.

    Also, when do I get to be a good photographer like you? I guess I would need to acquire patience first, right?

  2. you're so funny. i'm not a good photographer. it just takes practice. some patience, too, mostly to just get thru the manual (which i didn't really do) and get thru all the trial and error.

    when i come back home (it can't be soon enough), i'll check out yr camera and see if i can give you pointers (like stop using flash. HAHAAA!). but if someone as impatient as me could do it, you can, too.

  3. You are so beautiful.

    I give you major props for working on your craft so diligently & discovering how important it is.

    Everyone here admires you for your "wandering".

    Can't wait to see you!


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