Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to the usual schedule

I'll miss the rising at 6am from jet lag. But I'm back to going to bed late and waking up at 8:30am-ish. We had a really nice wine & cheese reception and dinner w/members of the board and staff tonight. Wow. The board is AMAZING. It's hard to find and maintain a good board, but these people are top notch, and truly value artists. Gili had to cheerleader me earlier today when I was feeling depressed, and reminded me that it's hard to feel valuable when there's no validation of this profession, but that I am. This board loves artists more than I love myself as an artist. It was stunning.

I felt much better today health-wise, and even better after showering and changing into clean, pretty clothes. I wore my sweater sale sweater from VT today that my mom hates and everyone loved it. I made a book and did all my daily tasks, including downloading more piano scores. I'm a little daunted by what I really should do...which includes

1. tree house installation/performance
2. serious research/honing in on ideas for language project
3. spinning and knitting a book I started in VT (this I don't have to do and don't want to do but really should, or it will just hang over my head forever).

I'm also having some major freaking out about my life and my usual "not belonging, not passing" dilemma. Thank god for Gili walking me through a bunch of it. OH! I got two letters today. One from Gili, of course. But the other from Jay: he FINALLY got the mail art package I sent to him waaaaay back in October from Nebraska. We thought it was lost! But no, it was just five months late.


  1. ellie7:27 PM

    i miss you like how i miss eating lucky charms for breakfast (i would scoop out all the marshmellows and eat them all in one spoon full!!!!). Hope you are still enjoying your joy. :)

  2. Do they have dancers/choreographers at these residencies? I was thinking, Ellie should really do one. And maybe Gili could go at the same time! Wouldn't that rock?

  3. i was just thinking of you, ellie, when you posted! i miss you, too.

    and YES, they totally have choreographers. well, i don't think a lot, but they CAN. the studio next to mine is huge and would be great for one. i already told ellie she should come. and that gili and i should go at the same time, too. to practice enabling each other positively to do work.

  4. Yet another great picture.

    Wine and

    I've had wine once in the Phil, and it wasn't with cheese. :(

  5. you belong. you have community and you are loved. as far as i'm concerned, that's what belonging is all about.


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