Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baby steps

Guess who doesn't feel like rotating photos right now? I'm waiting now for the first of three estimates. No, four. I'm getting estimates from four vendors on how much it will cost to crate and ship this wall to the Boston area, and hopefully it won't blow my budget. I calmed down a little today, realizing that the only obstacle is, as always, money. If I had vast funds, there would be no panic, just ponying up cash. I'm going to do my best to sell this, too. No need to hold onto something the size of a chicken coop.

I had a great time yesterday w/Yoonshin. We talked about a lot of things, like our fear of success, and about my looming language project. I talked some things out that I haven't been able to (reminding myself that I need to write a LOT more than I have been). She understands what I'm addressing in a big way, as a Korean mom raising a daughter in America. I've been overwhelmed and stalling the work (the seeds started at Ragdale; I expect to flush out more research before heading to Wyoming in the fall), but she said not to delay. I told her about how daunted I am, b/c I believe this will be my life's work, not just a year-long project or passing thing. She said, be thankful, b/c some people never get to their life's work; they just do the little busy work on the side forever. True.

Finished Amy Bloom's Love Invents Us, and got the iBook back. It's most likely the RAM, but I can't even be bothered w/it right now. Priorities! It's all about the brick wall.


polarchip said...

Can you budget a rental car/truck, gas, tolls, and personal labor and take it up there yourself??

I would be so nervous about strangers handling that delicate stuff. Also, maybe you can find someone to go with you and make a road trip out of it!!

(plus, aren't moving companies usually a rip off?? That's your hard earned grant money, right?)

Paulettasaurus said...

Jeez, it's freaky to have something so important also be so enormous and unwieldy.

Gili Warsett said...

Just wrote you a comment and it was deleted. What's that about?

You are awesome about not rotating your pictures.

I also wondered what you thought of Bloom. Sometimes I can't stand her at all and sometimes I like her a lot. It's unclear why this happens with her. I haven't been able to articulate it.

You are such a real deal artist.