Sunday, February 04, 2007

Teetering computer

Ay. Dad let me use his external hard drive to back this sucker up, and then it crashed, and almost killed his, too. We're trying again to finish the backup. Keep your fingers crossed. Please, iBook, please don't crash!! It would make me feel so much better in Japan. Oh, so this is the warning: I will be gone until Feb 18 and probably not online as much as usual (at least I hope! This IS vacation...). I busted ass today and finished three enormous applications that I had to construct nearly from scratch, a huge letter to VT, and tons of paperwork for a show in Massachusetts. I'm tired but glad I'm done with that and now ready to shower and pack. Then dad will take me to Astoria. He just started watching the Super Bowl. I forgot to say way back that I was totally shocked that the Bears made it this far, and now they just had a ridiculous rush for a ridiculously early TD. What is UP??? Okay, time to pack. I'm so excited that Japan will be warm (40s-60s). This was one of my last moments in the studio. No more VT pics after this!! Wish me luck on the really, really long trip to Tokyo (via Detroit).

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