Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sitting here in Chicago, cold.

Gili's music is on behind me on my iBook. I'm working on Tam's iMac. So nice to be on a lovely, functional machine. I'm not going to disclose how many times I dropped my computer on the way here. But I do think that Apple needs to design a new laptop for me, one that works best when constantly dropped.

I made it! I don't know why I felt like this trip that I've done about 15 times since 2003 (LaGuardia <--> Midway) would be really difficult. I sat next to a huge man, which was not fun. A baby was screaming near the end, but you can't blame her: I'd be horrified if my ears were popping and I had no clue why or how to stop it. I am realizing that it's not so easy being a "petite" (I'm rolling my eyes now) woman w/really wide shoulders. Clothes are always too tight across my back and sitting side-by-side is uncomfortable.

I realized too late that my genius idea of bringing one big suitcase was not so smart; I panicked before I got to the airport on the bus that maybe I'd go over the 50 lb limit. I cleared at 46, but had a hard time w/stairs. I rode to Halsted and waited for Tatiana to get off of work so she could drop off Tam's keys (Tam's gone on business). Then I got back on the train, transferred, and got home about an hour and a half ago.

It's REALLY nice to be in a familiar place all by myself. I'm here two nights before heading to Ragdale. I forgot that I left SO MUCH crap at Tam's. I can't believe she hasn't kicked me out by now; I have enough things to live comfortably w/o buying anything new. Even toiletries. The power went out for a few seconds, though, so I guess I'll have to fix the clocks. Jack is horribly curious about everything, including my dirty socks. Funny cat.

Tomorrow: packing again to include things I left here, and a CWHC appt.


  1. I dropped my computer for the very first time since I got it today. I thought of you.

    I was thinking the computer people should design computers with that foamy stuff that's used to make nerf balls and soft electronics. but then they would go out of business because our computers would never break.

    i am worried i will get into trouble without you. on my walk home, i realized you're really good at telling me to end bad relationships with boys. you're always wanting me to put an end to them and that's useful for me. way to go, my favorite wet blanket.

  2. HAHAAAAAA!!! it's true. i'm a really serious wet blanket. please don't get into so much trouble that i can't get you out of it when i get back.

    the nerf ball stuff wouldn't be strong enough to protect the computer. at least not from me. hahaa! it would have to be NASA hard core.


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