Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pros and cons of being back

[that is NOT me, it's Cindy. I am so jet lagged I can barely sit up.]

-No more perma bad hair day. Something about bathing at night and sleeping on my hair, combined w/Japanese water, dryness, and shampoo made me look like a monster daily. In the states, my hair looks GREAT when I sleep on it wet.
-I can lay in bed in the mornings and watch Justin Timberlake videos and laugh. Or dance. Or both.
-I can revert back to not being self-conscious about being big, loud, rude, and unfashionable. Since that's the essence of being American.
-I don't get shoulder pain from carrying around a camera all day nor do I have stress about missing good photo ops.
-No more being made fun of b/c I get excited about tools. Yukiko asked what I like to shop for b/c I didn't seem interested in normal things. I finally perked up at the crafts store: water pens (a Japanese product that no Japanese know about), pen nibs, pens, Olfa and NT knives (in pink!) and blades, string scissors, etc. Critiquing airport sign typography is now second nature to me. I'm a book geek in denial.
-Getting back to yoga. Reverting to old fantasies of joining a boxing gym or starting martial arts. Though, will that ever happen??! I hate sweating, pain, being winded, and being in close proximity to sweaty people. I prefer boys practicing pinning moves from jiu jitsu class on me, which I can get on a regular basis if I move to Cali. Wait, can't I just go back to hula classes? I miss dancing. Crap, I have to start research on getting a Fulbright to study breakdancing in Korea. I mean, papermaking.

-No more heated toilet seats!
-No more lovely, tiny, perfectly-coiffed food.
-No more having Cindy around to torment/gab at.
-Knowing I live in a country w/disgusting leadership and policies (border control is HIDEOUS. When you get to the US or its territories, these are the signs that greet you: "Dengue Fever Warning," "Orange Alert," "We Are the Face of Our Nation," etc. A guy who made sarcastic remarks about terrorism got carted off w/his wife by airport staff to the police in Guam. Cindy had to kick me constantly as we waited at Immigration b/c I was making snarky comments about the US govt being unacceptably alarmist and about how a guy who was in the citizen/permanent resident line was getting fingerprinted and photographed probably b/c he was brown. She was REALLY mad at me b/c I probably could have gotten us carted off. But it's horrible. Traveling to and w/in the US is a nightmare).
-Back pain from laying in bed and watching Justin videos. Or generally from being on the computer too much.
-Realizing that what I thought was my charming family from afar is still a very crazy family close up.
-Paperwork. Administrative work in general.
-Coming home to stories like this from my mom's workplace: her coworker approaches her and says, "I don't like Oriental people." Mom: "You're supposed to say 'Asian.'" Coworker: "I know. I used that word intentionally." DUDE!!! What is UP w/the ugly, overt racism?? I guess overt is better than subversive, but still, have some class. At least do it behind her back, the way that people call me the "oriental girl" behind mine! No, really, don't. Just don't DO that.


  1. another pro is that you theoretically get to see me. this shouldn't be underestimated. :)

  2. I miss the good sense of those Japanese toilets. If my towel bar wasn't hung above the toilet, which is the only place it can go, I would get an attachment for the water spout.

    Welcome back.

  3. Your mom rocks--that's the best response ever.

    The stuff you described in Guam sounds scary. I don't know what's up with our country, but I just keep hoping that the fear/hate/xenophobia level is something that fluctuates with time and we just happen to be at a particularly high level now. Otherwise, we're in trouble.

    I also love perfectly coiffed foods and heated toilet seats.


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