Monday, February 26, 2007

Possibly too tired for anxiety attacks

I fly tomorrow out of LaGuardia to Midway. I'm expecting the worst (like cancelled flights) b/c of the weather, but am praying that is not the case, b/c I'm not at all game for being sent home from the airport twice in a month. Packing was fairly straightforward but incredibly painful: this roving life is officially not fun anymore. Maybe it was the excessive packing and unpacking for the Japan trip, or being the rolling clothing master, but I've been sent me over the edge (maybe 17 flights in a little over a year would do it).

Good news: I had a Gilivention this morning, and was convinced that a walk would do me good. And it did, all snowy and quiet. I went along a path to a park I never frequented as a child. My arms were immediately sore after hanging from the monkey bars, trying to do chin ups. Here's to hoping that I work hard on an attitude adjustment. I've already ditched almost all of the apps I was going to do before I left b/c I just want to stay still for a minute. It's time to reassess.

For now, it's just time to sleep before another traveling day.


  1. I'm so proud of you for walking. I didn't get to follow up because I passed out around 8 pm. I think I was waiting for you to tell me to just go to sleep and once the advice came my way, I took it and ran with it. I got myself 11 hours of unconsciousness. my health is mildly restored. now I know you have a path you can walk on and a playground you can enjoy and there won't be any more excuses when it's time for a gilivention.

    I hope you have a fabulous time in Chicago. I'm not going to say a lot about that here because I'm worried about my possible jinxing powers.

    The smartest thing you did yesterday was put away the apps. And take a walk. And try to relax.

    Happy happy flying. Miss you already.

  2. James Autio11:17 AM

    I realize that you and I are very different people, but I have to say that 17 flights in a year would kill me. I really need alone-time and down-time to refill the coffers, you know? You do a lot, Aimee, maybe you need more relaxation?


  3. waaaait, a minute, here. isn't this coming from the man who took FIVE planes to get to vermont??? and THREE back?? that's already eight flights in a month.

    i'm working on the alone/down time (for a little over 24 hours) right now in chicago. it's grand.


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