Thursday, February 15, 2007

More shopping

That was kind of a mistake, to get back online (though I really missed Gili). I have been a total stressball for the last two days, not sleeping at night, totally worried about my life and if I am a decent human being and if I'm a decent artist and what the hell am I doing w/my life, anyway? I'll just bombard Cindy w/all my concerns today during our massive shopping spree in Kobe today and she'll talk me down or just get mad at me. Yesterday, we went to Kobe w/Yukiko and her mom, and they showed us the ropes so that we can go back today alone. We're psyched.

We also ate obscene amounts of food yesterday. Yukiko's mom said that I looked like my mom while I was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. I'm learning to appreciate my mom a lot after being here and hanging out w/old family friends who love her. Must get offline now; Cindy needs to check email.

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  1. I miss you too!!! I have way too much energy. But you're in such a good space. Remember how belligerent you were last month?? Let all the worries and troubles flow. Cindy is wise and she's the perfect companion for you right now. And yea for appreciating your mom. I (distantly) love that woman.


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