Saturday, February 24, 2007

More non-secrets

Somehow, I ended up wearing all purple/lavender today. Nothing I'm wearing is my own, of course.

Today, I suddenly imagined the positive side of a possible computer-less life. I mean, if I have operated sans cell phone since August, I can try going all the way, right?? It seems like it would be so wonderful to not be so attached to a machine. I know, wishful thinking.

A friend sent me a great link about a professional origami dude.

I almost cried today b/c my web designer is trying to help me fix my computer, AND continues to do amazing updates to the admin on my site. I wish I could help him as much as he helps me.

I was just feeling sleepy for the last six hours (watching "March of the Penguins" did NOT help) and now I'm brightened up. I think I was being too hard on myself the past few days, thinking I just got back from a trip in the same time zone. It's still the jet lag. I'm having really good correspondence w/old and new contacts about being on the outside of things. I have to keep that in mind for Ragdale projects. I'm excited. There's so much I want to pack into those two weeks!!

I'm getting more attached to the idea of being in NY for a few months this spring. Ivan told me I should appreciate my parents while I still have them and they're taking care of me. It would be nice to be someplace where I don't have to do tons of legwork to settle down for a little bit, and also not to feel so insane running around to do things b/c I only have a week or a month or so.

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