Friday, February 16, 2007

Lists after dinner

Local time/day: almost 8pm on Friday

Today in Kobe:
Bento box lunches
A zillion stores on a big enclosed shopping street
Toyu Hands
Ikuta Shrine
Sticker pictures
Seer (at our home station)

What I forgot to mention earlier:
1. On our first day into Tokyo last week, I had a nasty fall (the kind they use in slapstick comedy) over a chain in front of the Hirabe's car and bruised my legs and threw my camera all the way across the street (yes, another reason why I should never own electronic equipment. My favorite thing to do w/such things is drop them). Then, I fell again later in the day while transferring trains, UP a flight of stairs.

2. We made paper in Tokyo! SO nice...Cindy can't believe that I do it. The people were super nice and after making washi and decorating it, we did some calligraphy, got a tour of the gallery and paper samples by the national treasures, saw real calligraphy, met a man who carves stamps, and then saw a wedding dress made entirely of paper (hi, thanks for pressure from Cindy that if I ever get married, I should make my own. Please. If I ever get married, I'd probably lose whoever signed up to marry me b/c I'd treat it like a solo exhibition. I mean, like preparing for one. HAHAAA. Though I just realized before I left for Japan that I am disturbingly well-equipped to be an amazing housewife. More on that when I come back home).

3. I think I have eaten enough bread for the year. Yesterday's alone: tomato, onion, potato and seaweed, cranberry, raisin, green tea, black tea, etc. But never enough mochi.

4. This is the biggest: I LOVE being somewhere where I blend in w/the crowd. Cindy talked about how damaging it is to grow up w/o people who look like you around, and I wonder what life would be like for me if I was surrounded by Asians. Lots of fodder for the next big art proposal I've been shopping around to various residencies.


  1. so, does that mean you no longer have a digicam? how weird that yours would break just as i get one. i'm sure it's not related. and yet.

    i'm glad you're doing so well there. lord knows, you deserve it.

  2. noooo, it's still working (knock on wood). my electronics are like my friends - very forgiving. unless, of course, i drop them MULTIPLE times. then they get a little cranky.

    today is our last day!! eeee. not looking forward to the flight home. on northwest. the movies should be better this time around, though.

  3. OI OI. I love it. No Starbucks, though? I was taken to a Starbucks almost every day I was there. At least you've eaten Japanese food. I didn't get much of that--everything but, even pizza.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a good flight home. Here's wishing you arrive and remain jet-lag free.

    Don't tell Dan about your camera.

  4. whoops, i meant tokyu hands.

    no starbucks. we saw them but never went. of course, the first place we went to in the detroit airport was there.

    pizza??! we didn't go, but our hosts also didn't like japanese pizza: too much stuff on it. hahaa. apparently, korean pizza has the same problem.


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