Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last day, and a long one

I am way too tired to throw a fit, but I am kind of close to it: now my external hard drive is on the fritz. I tried to do a backup today of all my data, and it kept freezing in the middle, and now it's just not even showing up on my computer when I turn it on. And it won't turn off unless I just pull the plug. Argh. As annoying as it is, it kind of makes me happy that I'm going to leave it ALL BEHIND when I leave for Japan next week. No computer. I haven't been away from my computer in probably over three years. I know how Ellen had a really good point about how I find my support and community online b/c I move around so much, but it's a little crazy how I'm permanently glued to this thing.

Anyhow. I finished my errands this morning, most importantly sending two more apps, and getting health food snacks for the flight tomorrow. I did a few rounds of packing and it will be fine; I have plenty of room and not too much stuff. Ching-In and James helped me shoot a few last photos and then she and Roko whipped into action to help me deinstall (AKA bag up wood chips and take them downstairs and out back. They'll be used in wood-burning stoves). They were so great; I feel really lucky to have had their help b/c it was done so quickly. Then I made them pose for pics before I packed my tripod (thank you SO much, Ellen!!! I swear I would be nothing here w/o it). Today was warm and sunny; everyone is so happy to leave. I'm just spent. Maybe it's just as well; otherwise, I'd have lots of energy to expend toward being upset w/my electronics.


  1. Dude, so ready for you to get outta there. Totally wasn't feeling the vibe. Onwards, forwards.

  2. Hi Aimee. I can really relate to having my entire social life online, and I don't necessarily think that it's a bad thing. I feel really supported by my friends, and I have more regular contact with my friends abroad than I usually do with my friends in person. You're doing great. Plus, just one more week until Japan! Wheeee!!!

  3. Aimee,
    I thought I was going to be okay with you being here and me not getting to see you but now there's so much to talk about. No chance you can come by the store? Maybe if we had a structured time (like on a lunch break) it wouldn't last too long and I wouldn't keep you from doing all the things you need to do. That's my plea. I know it's not realistic. Other option: call me as soon as you're rested. We need serious phone time.

    Congrats on getting the hell out of there. That's my favorite picture from your trip. I love that sculpture, too.

  4. i'm at the burlington airport right now, which is so nice and clean and airy and bright. unlike my last month. anyhow, i've eaten the sandwich i packed for myself and am almost done w/the bag of dried mangoes i got from the health food store, waiting for my flight to board.

    gi, i wish i could. but i can't. but i SO will call. do NOT worry about that. i love that you changed yr profile pic to that!!! yay.

    i know. i love all of roko's stuff. she's a genius (in the overalls).


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