Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm wearing two sweaters

Feeling much better. I'm listening to Mary J. Blige and just looked at a website for an artist that David met in Minneapolis at a conference. I had a great appt at CWHC (they are fantastic), and my blood pressure is still fine even w/my spazzball tendencies. The first bandage didn't take so now I have a Snoopy one. When I was paying, I noticed a woman sign in and she looked really familiar. I realized in the bathroom that she was a student at Ox-Bow last summer (not one of mine). My life is becoming one huge small world. I feel like I now only see people I recognize everywhere I go.

I walked to Lincoln/Ashland/Belmont after my appt, seeking food. I knew what I was looking for, but the last time I went, I was driving a station wagon. I found Whole Foods and got an apple, a blood orange, pineapples and strawberries, an Ethnic Gourmet dinner (my fave frozen line), a tomato basil salad, and an antioxidant juice (the lady behind me at the cashier asked where I got it and ran off to get some). My commuting read was David Sedaris' Barrel Fever, which kept me laughing. I've had the munchies all day and was able to stay in pajamas until after noon. It's kind of fun being in Chicago w/no one knowing or being able to find me. And it felt good to wander by myself on my own schedule, w/no one to come home to. I'm trying to enjoy my solo-w/o-panic status while it lasts.

CRAP!!! Ay. I keep leaving water on the stove to boil and forgetting about it. I've already scorched one of Tam's pots doing this. I just did it twice in a row tonight, but luckily didn't burn anything. I tried looking through all my stuff here, but it was so overwhelming that I closed up the boxes and put them away. It's shocking how many art supplies and how much art I own. I think I might start sending things to random people (does anyone need a glue gun?). I just need to find a few cassette tapes for my recorder, and I should have everything for Ragdale. Jay picks me up tomorrow.

[I'm turning into pre-cam Gili. Sorry, but I still don't have iPhoto so the picture thing is harder to organize on my computer. Hopefully I'll figure out how to operate w/o it on the prairie.]


  1. p.s. - I realized this today about my February, the shortest month of the year:

    Vermont - New York - Japan (Tokyo) - Guam - Japan (Kobe) - New York - Chicago

    No wonder I'm so burned out on traveling. And no wonder I can't keep track of time/date/place anymore.

  2. holy mother of mercy! that's sooo much travel. i love that i get to be mentioned on your blog. i feel so super famous. i thought of you tonight at the thing i went to. have you heard of the knittas?

  3. lost&found12:18 AM

    ouff! you are back to chgo. time flies, well you fly no less. welcome back!

    sorry to learn about your ibook troubles.

    not knowing all the history of its behaviour, from your post it seems that the HD is disappearing, while external HD works, but often disappears from the system as a device icon.

    little research suggests that if the components work while being attached to another system, then first thing to investigate is the connections.

    not sure what your techs and ibook doctors tried so far, but ibooks are known for a rather fragile HD ribbon cable, damaged one would menifest itself as an intermittent problems with HDs and other drives.

    so next time you have the tech to open your ibook up, you may ask him to check it with another HD ribbon connection cable. hopefully this would bring it back to your favor.

    good luck to you in ragdale! =r2r

  4. wait, don't you ALWAYS get mentioned on my blog? hm. hahaaa. i'm so bad at not alienating.

    no, have not heard of the knittas. i also forgot to say i got some plain yogurt at the store, too.

    HD ribbon cable???!?! why are there so many parts to these things?? i want to design a computer now so it can be done right. one piece, no jiggling.

  5. knittas are a street art group that knit things around cities and leave them there. they make street lamp cozies, and cozies for other things that i can't remember right now.

  6. oh, wait, i DO know about them! of course, thru tam.


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