Sunday, February 25, 2007

I can't even listen to my lesbian music

I am still completely unamused by my iBook situation. After trying to DiskWarrior it for a while, I gave up. Luckily, my dad's external HD suddenly showed up again on my desktop, so now I'm transferring files back to the computer so I can use it in Chicago for the next month. Though, for some reason, iPhoto and iMovie (and who knows what else) got lost in the reinstall, so now I've lost my picture organizing program. GREAT. The transfer is still chugging along, 2 hours to go for photos. I haven't touched the music yet. I am praying it doesn't crash in the meantime.

So that means for the next month, I have to be noncommittal about the things I do on my computer since I should be prepared for the worst (lost data) at any moment. I'm now utterly thankful that I didn't just give my ancient iPod away to a friend b/c now it's going to be my backup unit; I refused to carry my dad's HD to Chicago. It's too risky.

Today, instead of working on the 3-5 apps I have to finish by tomorrow, I got up at 6am and lolled around until it was time to go upstate w/my parents to shop for sensible shoes. I got casual flats and sneakers. We then drove down to Jersey for a Korean lunch, but the first place wasn't ready to serve even though it was open, so we had to go to a different place. I'm sad that Korean food has gotten so sweet. Just so everyone knows, Korean food is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET.

I'm still getting crazy amped about my possible bindery job in a month. More so than my lifelong goal to get fit and lose weight. I'd rather be a potbellied book geek. Wait, did I say that? It's true. Even if I dropped the pudge, I'd be so sad if I couldn't inhale glue on a regular basis. I especially like the kind w/the minty smell. Mmm.

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  1. hahahahaha. lesbian music!!! wherever did you hear that???? miss you already!!!!
    your not-sober, codependent slightly crazy friend, gili


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