Friday, February 02, 2007

Home, for two seconds

I'm back in NY. I'm so tired it hurts. That residency really did me in. I fly Monday morning for Japan. Tomorrow at 9am is more root canal crap. Too tired to do anything online but just wanted to say how good it felt to step off the plane and the little stairway onto NY land. I'm so glad that ordeal is over.

Good night.


polarchip said...

You look so cute in that pic!

AHhh, I'm sure NY is glad to have you back.

Paulettasaurus said...

Welcome home. I hope your time in Japan is revitalizing and fun.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you are back. maybe someday you will be glad you went to VT?? It would be great to try to talk to you before you head off to Japan... David wants to know why you aren't taking him along-- he said "do we get to go too?" :)
yet another adventure. good for you!
love love love

-- said...

awww, yay for you busting outta VT. i really hope you have a faab time in japan with sis:-)... you deserve it!