Thursday, February 22, 2007



10:45 - drop by Gili's work
11:15 - arrive at Apple to get my computer fixed
12:30 - meet Cindy for lunch; go to bank to deposit grant $
2 - arrive at China Institute
3 - see the book show there w/Robbin; go to Folk Art museum to see Martin Ramirez show (which was AMAZING and i am so going back tomorrow to see it again)
5:30 - meet Shawn to see subversive knitting/radical lace whatever it's called show at Museum of Arts & Design
8 - arrive home and eat like crazy.

I am too tired to reinstall everything on my computer and put all the data on. I started, but then my HD icon and the external HD icon just disappeared. I can't deal w/that. I'm going to bed instead of dealing with it. That's what happens when I go to bed at 1am and get up at 6am in a panic about my computer. More on the computer-as-child phenomenon, and the genius bar being like a doctor's office, later.

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