Monday, February 19, 2007

Cold toilet seats

I'm back in NY; flew in yesterday afternoon on a fairly tolerable trip back. Thank god for the jet stream and an extra movie. I made it w/o any reading material besides a skimmer that Cindy had. She slept thru "The Queen" and most of the flight, lucky lucky. I wish I could do that: sleep anywhere. Unfortunately, I can't sleep on planes unless I'm desperately exhausted (like on the last connection from Detroit to JFK), so I was a wreck before we even landed. I decided to compensate today by spending almost my entire day in bed. I got up at 9am after going to bed at 8pm, did meditation and yoga for the first time in TOO long, had breakfast, and then stayed in bed until dinner. I was working most of the time and napping when my eyes hurt. I think my monitor is dying and making me blind as a result. I've been trying to avoid uploading photos or making changes or anything b/c I want to fix this computer pronto w/o doing a new backup, but I can't. There's just too much work to do. Despite my getting a good fortune, which is rare, at Asakusa, a big Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

I wish I was back in this kind of setting: a tropical island w/nothing to do but read trashy magazines. We spent one night and morning just laying in bed w/magazines, which was SO relaxing. Otherwise, Guam didn't have many other attractions. We liked Tokyo best, though Kobe was more manageable when we did our solo shopping day. I'm just happy that we got to see Maho's wedding and see how all of our friends have grown up. I was lax on photos b/c I didn't want to deal w/uploading a zillion, and b/c I was on vacation. Now I want another vacation where I lay in bed forever. I realize that I'm not built very well for traveling b/c these are the things I need most to be healthy and happy: sleep, water, and comfortable temperatures (mostly warm). As I mentioned before, I'm an overly sensitive sleeper, so that's thrown out the window when I'm on the road. Like Pauly, I have a small bladder, so staying hydrated means constantly peeing, which doesn't really work while traveling, esp w/other people who don't have the same issue. And Japan doesn't really have central heating in homes. Their saving grace is heated toilet seats. Which I miss VERY MUCH right now.

I've gotten about halfway caught up w/business. I've been avoiding art admin stuff, but DID get a really nice package in the mail: a grant from the Puffin Foundation!!! I feared it was a rejection letter but then a check fell out of it. Talk about fast turnaround. I like those kinds of grants. That will help me pay for crating and shipping parts of my thesis to a show in Massachusetts that opens this summer. WHEW. I am so thankful. Funny timing, too, b/c I was thinking in Japan the usual quitting thoughts about art, so coming home to money was a well-timed affirmation.

Japan rocked. The perfect antidote to belligerence. Happy New Year!


polarchip said...

Glad you are back! And huge congrats on your grant!

Love the pic of you in Guam... wish I could be you>

Paulettasaurus said...

Eeeee! Money for art!