Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The biggest con of all

My sorry, pathetic computer. It has started to completely unravel on me. Which is bad, b/c I haven't backed up my latest files. ARGH. Who knew that I could generate that much more stuff to back up in just two days? I had hoped I could at least back it up tonight but then it refused to open my applications, so I'm going to let it sleep for a while and see how it feels tomorrow.

Which is exactly what I want to do right now. I was online all day, adding a new section to my website, and to flickr, for my performance in January. I also had to wait for our replacement phone thing to arrive, preventing me from going to the library for a while. DHL finally came at 7pm. I watched "American Splendor" tonight. Eh. Cindy said it would inspire me but it didn't. That's fine. Tomorrow I see Robbin at PULSE, and then try to make the rounds. Let's pray that the iBook perks up a little tomorrow, enough to pull off the data, and then take it to the doctor on Friday.

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Paulettasaurus said...

Oh, gosh. I hope your iBook is okay. Mine is unraveling, too. The screen just goes green for a while.

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