Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Alive and well in Kobe

Awww. I loved reading all those comments. Sorry I've been so MIA; it's just reallllly nice to not touch a computer. Bill Viola knew what he was talking about when he lectured us about the merits of being offline, and that being a political statement these days. WAIT! He gave that lecture back in 2003 and ALSO talked about his amazing trip to Japan.

We have been having a great time, and yes, eating tons of food. TONS of noodles. Not a bit of sushi. The ramen varieties crack me up (we had some in Harajuku that were like noodles in a broth of floating fat. Seriously. Big hunks of pork). The wedding in Guam was gorgeous and hilarious (more on that later, on Japanese people getting married in American ceremonies, in English, even if they don't understand English). Maho and Yoko and their parents treated us like family, and even better, which was soooo nice. We went to Tokyo twice, did some shopping, met a friend of Cindy's from seven years ago, etcetc. We just got to Yukiko's mom's place yesterday and today we've been sleeping and eating and staying in b/c the weather is windy and cold and rainy and we're ultra tired (we had to get up at 1:30am to leave Guam so it was another awake too many hours traveling day).

But we did ride the bullet train. Sadly, we slept thru Mt. Fuji. Hahahaa.

Okay, time to watch some Japanese TV. I'm still on an email boycott, but I need all that time to eat all the food in this country before I leave on Sunday.


polarchip said...

I'm totally impressed/surprised that you took the time to update us! Thanks!

Keep eating! Enjoy Japan, but looking forward to having you back in the States.

Gili Warsett said...

Yes!!! Looking forward to having you back. We're going to have to clear our schedules and have a ten hour recap.

So glad you're well. Have a safe and happy trip.

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy and happy valentines day over there

Paulettasaurus said...

That sounds so freaking FUN. Don't feel bad about being MIA--enjoy your offline life!