Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still nearly alone in the studio

We had open studios tonight, and I had my installation open from the performance, and then ran to the other open studios, and then ran to my Firehouse studio to do hot dog portraits. It was SO FUN. I think it was a really healthy way for me to work w/closure on being here. James gave me that hot dog on the 13th, I think, and I took pictures of it every day, and then I took pictures of people with it tonight. I think the images are hilarious. Buzz took the ones of me. Angelo took this image of me getting behind the door to perform yesterday.

Ching-In did this one of me this morning. But I think I still need to get back tomorrow to get a few more that aren't blurry. She and James helped me do more footage, and he was like, what is the logic in asking two poets to do this kind of work? He had never touched a digital camera ("you know I was born in the 1960s, right?") but I think they both did a fine job. I did a bunch of studio cleaning and putting things away to prepare for mailing (this time, just packages to friends of art and such). I think everyone else is partying, but I wanted to email everyone their individual hot dog portrait and work some more on this application.

Tomorrow: print and mail apps, mail packages, back up computer, call home, clean two studios (that's a LOT of wood chips), and pack. I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

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Gili Warsett said...

what will happen to all the wooden chips?