Thursday, January 18, 2007

Can you tell I want a home?

I cut these little houses out today before lunch. With a brand-new exacto blade. I love new blades, but I always make myself suffer through old ones way too long before shedding them. Anyhow, now I don't have to worry about what to do w/this nice Fabriano scrap, since it's covered with little houses. Meanwhile, I'm still hacking here in the studio, trying to keep my hands warm by periodically sandwiching the corner of my iBook in them since that's where the hard drive is and heats up.

I just went to open studios tonight and then a talk by the visiting sculptor, Marsha Pels. Man, am I freaked out for my crit tomorrow. I'm #1, and fear she will tear me apart. She's the real deal and I'm frightened. Like, the kind of sculptor who makes me never say I'm a sculptor, b/c she welds and casts in bronze and glass and anything else. Today I spun a little more shifu, but it's hard in this cold and w/such dry skin. I am a little freaked out by how much artwork and art business work I have to do, and how half my time is already over!! But hopefully once I kick all the phlegm, I'll get to spend more time in my studio.


  1. you are the real deal. don't let her tell you otherwise. and i have a feeling she's not going to be the terror that you're imagining. do they have space heaters????

  2. I'm in love. Please save me one of those tiny houses.

  3. ellie9:50 AM

    i love the houses and i don't care what the big shot lady has to say.

  4. Yes, I can tell you want a home! I was thinking about this yesterday, and pondering what "home" means and all, and I decided that for now, your home is RIGHT HERE! I mean, on your blog, on the internet!! B/C you basically have a place to express yourself and good friends gathered together. Home is where the <3 is!!!

    Plus, it's the one consistent thing you've had going throughout all your travels.

  5. no space heaters for me. chrissy actually fired up the kiln a little to do paper clay, so i like standing near it talking to her to stay warm.

    i'll send anyone houses who wants them. once i know what i'm going to do w/them and which ones i keep for myself.

    maybe it's TRUE!!! maybe THAT is why i'm online so much. you are toooo smart. i'm so lucky to have smart friends.

    more on the crit later....


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