Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Soon, on the road again

I'm going to D.C. come Thursday! I went today for more root cleaning and sealing and it was very painful. He started to drill, and I panicked in my head, "WHERE'S THE NOVOCAINE???!!" Then I realized he didn't shoot me up b/c he had supposedly removed all my nerves during the last visit. That wasn't quite the case at the end of a couple roots, but despite my yelping, he kept drilling away. Ow. It didn't help that I was already upset b/c I took the wrong bus, ended up in a different town at the local community college where I used to go to youth orchestra rehearsals in high school, and had to call my dentist to say, "I'm going to be late. Oh, and can you find me the number for a local cab company?" I called Tam to have her talk me down as I waited for the cab. Ow. My head hurts right now...just two more days of antibiotics since he hit that big nerve today, but the roots are sealed (and he DID leave a piece of burnt cotton in there last time! Dentistry is insane), and I go back in two weeks to get fitted for a crown.

I'm revving into high gear again. Tomorrow, I work for Gavin at the bindery and try to meet Marina for lunch in between. Then I meet my web designer to drop off paper samples and stay the night in Astoria w/Cindy & Ivan. Thursday a.m. I head to Greenpoint to pick up Jami's car from Kerri, and then find my way out of NY and head to D.C. I think I'll stay until Sunday. Yay! I get to see three good old friends, and their new additions (a house, a baby, a couple cats, a boyfriend, etc.). Even though the drive to D.C. is completely disgusting and unpleasant and hard to maneuver (AND I haven't really driven in a while), I'm so excited that I'll get to have solid alone time in a car w/a CD player.

Tonight: make another book, pack my stuff and gifts, and figure out directions.


  1. Wait, he left cotton in the hole in your mouth? By accident? Dr. V is so much better. You should tell your mom that.

    No problem talking to you. It was a nice break from work.

  2. no, i think on purpose!!! that's why i think it's so crazy.

  3. :((((!!!!! Your dental stuff makes me so sad. Good thing it is almost all over!! And it seems to have gone well, don't you think?

    That's the best dentist business card I've seen though.


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