Friday, December 15, 2006

Something I'm really bad at

Though my business card says that I'm an overachiever, I'm a total failure in the illnes category. I am soooo bad at being sick. First of all, my denial lasts about 10x longer than it should, so I only acknowledge being sick if I'm in a hospital w/an IV stuck into my arm. Even then, I'm still skeptical. I know I pushed myself yesterday by going to SoHo to get my slides shot, but I make lots of sacrifices for my work. Besides, it was great to work w/Stefan again. We've both gotten older. He's so good at his job. He said that his colleague says that "any monkey" can do photography, but what they do that not many people can do (advertising photography) is to be able to make a toothbrush and toothpaste look like they could fall in love.

I'm having a really hard time going to sleep early. Even if I get into bed early, I can't fall asleep. I wish that sleeping pills worked better for me, but they don't, so that's not an option. I just tried to take a nap and failed, so I'm going to crawl out of bed and watch "Born Into Brothels" and then decide after that what I'll do. I feel awful b/c I missed Cristal's performance at Galapagos last night, and will have to miss Barbara's party tomorrow in Park Slope b/c I'm sick. I got into another show at a craft museum in Massachusetts, but am kind of worried b/c I applied w/my thesis and said I'd send some of it, but it'll be a drag. It's a traveling show so after it shows next year, it will be on the road until 2010. It's tempting to call and see if they'll take the WHOLE thing so I can get it out of Tam's basement and out of my hair for a few years. Though how I'd get it from Chicago to Mass is not something I can think about right now.

Is it awful that all I want to do now is get my work done, work in the bindery, and hang out w/Gili? I feel badly that I'm still neglecting all my friends, but I certainly did not plan on a root canal and being sick. Okay, movie time.


Gili Warsett said...

i feel great about you neglecting all your other friends. more fun for me. would you nap already???
p.s. is that strawberry shortcake? jealous!

aimee said...

the pillowcases?? no, they're just princesses. my mom was upset b/c she was only able to find the pillowcases and not the rest of the set. i was going to try to find the sheets for her xmas present, but i think it's a lost cause.

in my sick hunger, i would really like to EAT strawberry shortcake now (the cake, not the children's toy entity).

aimee said...

wait, if i'm hungry, then i'm not really that sick, am i???

i cried at the part where the kids had to get HIV tests.

Gili Warsett said...

those strawberry shortcake dolls smelled so good. i must have licked at least one of them...

polarchip said...

You look so cozy!!

I worry about you when I read about the frentic schedule you keep! I'm glad you're taking the time to rest/chill/heal. Although it seems like you'd rather keep running runningrunningrunrunrun.

Isn't Born in to Brothels beautiful? I saw the woman who made the film speak about it a little- she's so amazing. Enlightened, I'd say.

How come you have trouble falling asleep? With your schedule, I would collapse exhausted.

aimee said...

i worry about me and my crazy schedule, too. but i can't stop. it would only work if i split into several people, b/c that's how much work i do.

i'm totally psyched, though, to have three straight days at home. i can't get over home cooking. i loooove it so so so so so much. we just had roasted beans in the pods and it reminded me of the beans on the farm.

i think running is just more of an addiction than anything, and i'm scared to stop running b/c then things will just pile up or whatever.

i know. i soooo loved the boy who painted and drew. i looooved when they went to the beach. it made me wonder what it would be like to grow up w/a group of friends that you lived w/and did everything with. i feel like that doesn't happen much anymore.

i'm too stressed and high-strung and wound too tight to fall asleep. it's the terrible curse of "when you're SO tired you can't sleep". whoever came up w/that curse was an evil, heartless sorcerer. i tried to nap at least 2x today and failed!

Paulettasaurus said...

You *are* an overacheiver!

You look beautiful snuggled in your bed. You're a pretty sick person--I'm jealous.

Get better soon.

aimee said...

um, there's a reason *I* do my own "photo editing" and picked the really blurry photo to post. heehee. if this was a really mucous-y sickness, i'd look like hell and wouldn't even think of documenting it.

polarchip said...

I was thinking about Born into Brothels this morning- you know what part I loved the most? When the kid that got picked to go to the conference was doing a group crit with a bunch of other young artists, and he was looking at a picture of destruction or something. He told his fellow artist something about how you have to embrace the horror and the beauty of the world, because you have to be true to real life.

I was like Sh*! Coming from a kid that young! I wish I could watch that movie again.

aimee said...

i know!!! i was like, how is this child so brilliant in crit? so unafraid to speak his mind and to articulate so clearly? why are we so bad at crits (adult artists, i mean)? i know the answer to that, but it's pretty clear that it doesn't have to be that way.

watch it again!