Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Saturday nights are all the same

And I love them: alone, at home, vegging out. Today was a movie marathon: "Friends with Money, "Lovely and Amazing," and "The Aristocrats." Tucked in between was a bunch of home cooking (my mom and I ate our lunch like two starving people who caught a fish on a desert island, cooked it on a fire, burnt it, and then inhaled it while barely avoiding burning our mouths), mom's homemade ginger tea, Japanese green twig tea, cleaning/laundry, a shower where I used bar soap instead of shampoo just for kicks, getting knee high socks from my mom, sending a thank you note to the people who are funding my full ride to Ragdale in March, standing on a realllly long line to send mail art and get stamps (holiday season sucks b/c they push holiday stamps and don't have fun stamps available), going to the library, wrapping a couple boxes for mom, and still not being able to find my artist book.

I think me misplacing things like that (though I suspect my dad might be witholding information about its whereabouts) is another sign of me getting older. I am now forever picking things up, putting them down, and then immediately forgetting where I put them down. I'm SO the person who would put glasses on her head and wonder where they were. I've decided that maybe that's why I'm gaining weight and not losing it: b/c my body is just changing w/age. Mom made some snarky comment today about how really skinny people don't get sick, but really fat people do. This was at 8am when I had just gotten out of bed and my throat had just closed in some more overnight. Things are definitely not as bad as they have been at home, but it's still a challenge.

I also realized that my library book is due really soon and I can't renew b/c someone else wants it, so I dove into it today and already (only about 20 pages in) highly recommend it to everyone. It would have been IDEAL reading in Nebraska: Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. A must, must read!!! I'm reading the corn chapter and it's mindblowing. Just the intro hooked me totally, asking why we're (Americans) such dumbasses when it comes to feeding ourselves, and how people got carbophobic overnight.

Another symptom of age: I realize that in the old days, movie ads on TV would involve lots of interviews w/families saying goofy things about how great the movie was. But not so much anymore. Or am I just not watching enough TV? [I'm not embarrassed to say I don't watch TV. However, my parents now insist that I call the cable company to complain about the horrible reception. Since my English and arguing w/representatives from big companies skills are far superior. Though since the advent of outsourcing for phone reps, I'm not so good b/c they keep being so crazy polite that I can barely say anything. It's kind of awful. It's like they're automatons w/o feelings so the way I talk to them is totally different. They just never get mad.]

I'm missing Barbara's party tonight but hopefully it's for a good cause: curbing the sickness. I hope I get to figure out how to bind this planner for 2007 tomorrow. I'm always a fan of practicality when it comes to objects that have only functional value, but I don't know where to find a place that will do a wire spiral bind of this for me. I found a place in Chicago a few years back and they did two books for me for free b/c it was such a small job and they did so much work for my school, but I'm not going to find that here. I letterpressed all the pages years ago, and wrote in all the dates yesterday. Tomorrow I'll write in everyone's birthdays in pink pen.

OH! I also got an idea for a street performance: I want to get an adult-sized stroller and blanket, and offer to bundle people up in it and roll them around the park. Yes / no / maybe? B/c I'll totally apply for grant money if people think it would fly.


  1. i could say more but for now:

    1. your parents are conspiring against you. where the heck is your art?

    2. can i please ride in the stroller? like now.

  2. I really want to read the Pollan book.

    Wait, you're this productive when you're sick? This is nuts.

  3. do you have strep? i hope not!

    i love the storller idea: maybe you'd have to do it at college or a place where people aren't so scared of: "is this too good to be ture?"

    i watched the day after tomorrow. i hate thoes kinds of movies but itwas acutally pretty good. some ironic moments in it: like we all have to escape to mexico and they close the borders: so us becomes Illeagal and then the only way they get mexico to open the borders is by forgiving all dept to latin american countries. that was great!

    and it has a good last line/moment.

  4. AIMEE!! Being pushed around in a giant stroller sounds amazing, but I can just imagine you pushing a giant stroller all day long and becoming exhausted, dehydrated, sore, and maybe getting some kind of stress injury!

    I think you should really consider some kind of performance art where you're NOT making something for people, giving part of yourself away, or doing something for people...I mean hello you're already sick and in bed right now because you do too much!!

    I know you did that one where people fed you, and that sounded great. Maybe once in a while you get pushed in the stroller? Or maybe you can pair people up so they take turns pushing and being pushed? I think both would be a cool experiences. You can still make an incredible stroller and everything, just don't be the only one pushing it!!! (But maybe people would try push it home to steal it?!)

  5. you can get stuff spiral bound at kinko's. but you could also do a double fan adhesive and case it in. i'm not a spiral fan, so that's the way i would go.

  6. but i thought kinko's only did the dreadfully awful and ugly plastic combs, not wire spirals. i only like spiral bindings for my datebook. it's the only thing i can't do w/my binding skills.

  7. oh! i think you're right. kinko's does do the plastic combs. maybe talas knows someplace to go? you're so lucky to be able to run over there.


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