Sunday, December 24, 2006

My horrible life

Apparently, things can now get a lot worse. I stayed up late last night making my mom a book to fit the box I made for her, and wrapping hers and my dad's gifts. Today I got up and made a puzzle for my sister and then went out w/Amy. It was strange walking around town here and going to places that had replaced our old childhood stores. But it was still nice to have tea at the pizza place w/a river view. I got home and was notified of Cindy's and Ivan's arrival in half an hour, so I raced through making a second puzzle. The first: 157 pieces. The second: 115 pieces.

I got a call from Elbert tonight and took the call b/c I haven't talked to him since...sometime in the summer. Then I came out of my room to be attacked by my entire family (mom, dad, sister), b/c they said that I talk way too loudly, and laugh too loudly, and that it's unacceptable and embarrassing, and a serious problem that I have to fix. It was like a terrible intervention and I wanted to cry. Mom also told me I should lose weight, again. They freaked out b/c my tooth still was hurting so I called my dentist, who is in Virginia until Thursday. His response was, "uhoh" and "take more antibiotics. You have to take drugs when it hurts." I am SO mortified. We don't have any more drugs and he didn't give us a refill on the last prescription, so now my mom is driving to a friend's house who happens to have drugs left from her husband's root canal. Apparently, every typical Korean household has antibiotics. I have an awful feeling that Steph is right: I'll probably have to have my gums sliced open b/c the infection is much deeper than what the dentist can access. My schedule really doesn't allow for this. I don't know how this is going to work out. I'm really upset. I guess that's what happens to people who are grouchy over the holidays: they get this kind of comeuppance.


  1. Honey! Merry Christmas.

    I hope all your tooth stuff works out. Try to imagine the best-case scenario!

  2. merry merry!! glad today is better than yester!!!

  3. ellie6:18 PM

    i love you just the way you are. you are a shinning star. i'm sorry it was so hard for you last night. thinking of you!!!

  4. aw, sugar! im sorry yr family and yr health is givng you a hard time right now. that SUCKS. it is SO typical of the holidays. LOOK: you're a freaking AMAZING person and artist and you are doing REALLY well for yourself. everyone i know admires the hell out of you. if you were to change that to become "appropriate" by yr family's standards, you just wouldnt be who you are. you'd be dull & F that! you're perfect the way you are. lots of LOVE...XOXO


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