Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Like how Gili has to scan her hand

Uhoh. What is going ON w/beta??? Can someone please explain the new Picasa photo thing? I HATE terms of service. Even if I read them (I skimmed), I wouldn't have understood it. I remember reading about a big fiasco online w/some site owning all rights to any uploaded images. Someone tell me none of that is an issue b/c I'm too lazy to properly research. I just wanted to post my picture of this morning's cranberry Emergen-C from Gili (definitely like raspberry better but imagine that cranberry is somehow better FOR me. Yes, I know it's all artificial flavoring anyhow). But I get scared about how much we are at the mercy of this technology that is as pervasive as all those microorganisms in our bodies or bugs in our beds. It's 2006, and I have a friend who has to scan her HAND when she clocks in and out of work. She doesn't work for a huge corporation, or for a top-secret research lab, or the Pentagon. It creeps me out.

Next rant: I hate how my mom's hospital coworkers assume she's going to make some fabulous Korean extravaganza for their holiday parties. Or any party whatsoever. Some doctor asked, "are you going to make sushi this time, Mimi?" What is wrong w/this statement? 1. She doesn't make sushi. What we have in Korean cuisine that looks like sushi is something totally different, and you don't eat it w/soy sauce and wasabi. 2. My mother's name is not Mimi. Now, this I can kind of blame her for, but I don't. Her name is something that is actually easily pronounced by American English speakers. It's two words that actually EXIST in English. But somehow, it's too taxing for people to say them together. Two syllables. Not even as hard as something like Peggy Sue or Osama bin Laden or Javier. But once she started working at this particular hospital, people refused to do it. And it's so sad, b/c she had gone by only the first half of her name for 20+ years at her old hospital, b/c it was "easier" for other people to say. But that's not her name, just the first half. It's like calling me A. Fine, if it's a nickname. Not fine, if you think that is her real name. So, someone mistakenly called her Mimi and it stuck, which hacks off the first part of her name, and doubles the second. Fine, if it was her choice. Not fine, if it was just put on her. Maybe it's her way of having a completely different identity at work, or a different one from her old job. But I don't know. I'm just so ooo oooo particular about my name, that I would throw a fit if people just called me whatever was easy for them. Names are important. Language is important. Respecting people is important.

[Related to #1: dad picked up some Korean food from Jersey so my mom can take it to the holiday party. I'm so pleased that she's not breaking her back or staying up late cooking for those ungrateful ignorant coworkers, like she has for years. Also related to #1: most sushi places are run by Koreans, w/Korean chefs.]

Last rant: I think that bookbinders should be recruited to become dentists b/c of how good they are at precision work. I went today for what I thought would be a crown impression-making session. Oh, no. I had my falling apart, sunken in the hole, letting-in-bacteria temporary filling removed and a permanent one put in. My heart sunk when I felt something when he did it. I can eat, finally, on that side, but it hurt. Very dull, but I felt something. My parents reassured me that it's b/c I just got it. But isn't the WHOLE POINT of the root canal to remove all the nerves feeding that tooth??? If there aren't any nerves, I shouldn't feel anything!! I'm praying that it's just phantom pain, you know, how amputees feel their limbs even after they're gone? B/c if we have to start all over b/c there's a little piece of nerve left at the end of one of those four roots, I'm .. . .. . I don't know what I'll do. I have to go back before I fly to Vermont for the impression and then right between coming back from Vermont and leaving for Japan to get the crown put on. This is all if I have no pain between now and January 5. Makes me wish that the human species would hurry up and evolve teeth that are made out of plastic. Can't wait to visit my Chicago dentist in March and calm me down w/all of his dentist teacher speak.

Non-rants: I feel a little better, and didn't cough while in the chair. Dad got fancy health juice for an interpreting job that I get to drink (apparently it's $50 a bottle). I found an editor!!! I go to Park Slope Friday to cut. I got on the right bus today to go to the dentist. AND I got to watch episodes of "Wonderfalls," courtesy of Gili.


  1. I really like the one about the traecheotomy (spelling, yikes!) and the one about the barrel lady (who goes over the falls in the barrel.) let me know what you think...

    also, i totally like the raspberry better than the cranberry but they were out of raspberry last time i went to the store (in somerville) so i ended up with cranberry. cranberry is too tangy and not sweet and yummy.

  2. Grrr.

    I hate it when people call kimbap sushi. It's so different! It's hearty while sushi is delicate. Kimbap's fillings resemble sandwich fodder, and there's no raw fish involved. There is, however, tons of rich sesame oil, veggies, and sesame seeds, along with meat, fish, or kimchee. My mom stuffs hers with avocado or tuna with yuchoy. Divine.

  3. i am totally frightened by that hand scan business.

    i have been having a god-awful time with the dentist. i just had a crown myself, but not a root canal. for my last root canal, however, there was quite a bit of pain afterwards. since the nerve should be gone, it didn't make any sense to me either. but it got better eventually. i'm sure bookbinders would be much better at dentistry. did you have a dentist in chicago that you really liked?

    this is going to sound ridiculous, but i found that advil liquid gel caps actually kill the dental pain better than regular advil or any other pain killer. i don't know why it's the miracle drug, but give it a try.

    i don't know what identity blogger chooses when i respond to your posts, but just so you know, i'm geraldine newfry and my blog is on typepad

  4. You're frightened by the hand scan?? I'm the one who has to do it. Everyday, twice a day. It's for real.

  5. Dude I'm so hungry now reading about the kimbap. And stuff from NJ. Maybe tongiht David and I will go to the Korean BBQ buffet with the "3hrs Max" sign hanging over the cash register.

    As for the teeth thing: Stem Cells. It's all about the stem cells. I hope once they get these things going, teeth are the first thing they start growing. I think I'm going to need fillings (on the side, along the gumline) and braces soon, because my mouth is going haywire.

    I wish there was good, cheap legal cousnel! When I was getting one of my medical procedures done, some of the techs were talking about how their office offers a legal plan, like health insurance. You pay X dollars a month, and you have access to a lawyer as much as you need. The tech that was talking said she signed up specifically to handle her divorce and it saved her lots of $$$. Anyway, it would be nice to have a lawyer decipher the Terms of Service for you.

  6. geraldine - i soooo still remember you from renegade when you came by my booth and said you had deferred from columbia and yr books. very clear in my mind.

    yes, i adore my chicago dentist: dr. gray vogelmann. let me know if you want his #. i have sent all my friends to him and they love him as much as i do. he's very good w/artists.

    cheap legal counsel sounds like a dream that will never happen to me. i need some still in case i sue columbia for not covering my medical bills when i got staples in my head from getting hurt on the job. but let's not talk about it b/c it gets me so mad.

  7. Aim,
    I'm two days late, but I hate it when people mess up my name, too. Especially after I just said it. "Hi, I'm Tamara." "Hi, Tamayra." Or, worse, "Hi, Tammy." Come on! I find that people for whom English is a second language are more tolerant of that. I hope it's just the few instances I've witnessed. I had a friend who married a Turkish man and no one could say his name right. Her family started calling him Frank. The minister at their wedding was saying it correctly, but then heard all her family say it wrong and ended up mispronouncing it during the ceremony. I wanted to cry. He just didn't care.

  8. Oh, and I, too, love Dr. Vogelmann.


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