Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm a secretary

Aaargh. Wasn't this supposed to be semi-leisurely time for me? Now I have at least five appointments waiting in the lurch, all contingent on my goddamn roots. A car pickup, a work schedule, a lunch, an upstate visit, and a trip to D.C. I hate this kind of waiting. I remember how Breda used to say that working is really just waiting for other people to do their work. I feel like I'm at a desk, primed to make the phone calls and emails, as soon as I hear from some important client. As much as I wish someone else could do this for me, it's so dreadful that I wouldn't want to burden someone with it.

I visited Paper Dragon today and totally downplayed my abilities, probably b/c I felt like I didn't want to do it anymore. But it's a lovely space, and so much nicer than I had expected. It feels fine and putting in a couple days a week would probably be very good for me. I think the cold today just made me want to lay around at home and read and watch movies ("Corpse Bride" and then the last half of "Autumn in NY" - which was on TV, and I had seen it before. It's dreadful but I am such a sucker for the little beaded hanging thing in Winona Ryder's bedroom and also that dress that Richard Gere got for her. I'm only now noticing how many movies are about artists and realizing that SOME artist or someone has to make all of it for the film). I'm almost done with Cat's Eye, which is heartbreaking each chapter of the way. I'm pleased w/my limp vellum, made almost exclusively w/farm and found materials, and think maybe I'll use it as a pen and ink comic sketchbook.


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  2. i know it's not a competition, but i am busting my booty on these two pieces of writing and meanwhile, you keep creating more and more beautiful books. how DO you do it? sigh.

    that's so funny that you watched that movie. that's one of the only winona movies i haven't seen.

    p.s. i deleted my last comment because of a silly spelling mistake.

  3. I've got to read Cat's Eye again. It's my favorite book. The part about her feet haunts me. It's too vivid.

  4. i finished cat's eye! it's so sad. but it's SO GOOD. the feet thing is awful, but i relate a ton to the finger picking thing. now that i think of it, it reminds me a lot of a short story i wrote in 12th grade. a LOT.

    thanks for the recommendation. now i can go back to my regularly-scheduled reading of non-fiction. i'm excited: david abram's the speill of the sensuous: perception & language in a more-than-human world.

    gi: they're BLANK books!!! so different. how could i live w/myself NOT making stuff if i'm not holding down a job job? i love making books. esp out of things people don't usually use to bind books with. like ancient laces and sub-par handmade paper made out of the wrong part of herbaceous bast fiber.

  5. you're such an art nerd!! it's so fabulous.

  6. oh, but i'm not. seriously. you know what we should do very soon? [more like, i should have done this immediately but i just want to drag people along]--see art. i have to see what's up in the chelsea galleries and then what major shows are up. ug. oops, did i ug that? i just...we'll chat later about how i feel about seeing art.


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